School Counselor

Tony Green
School Counselor
Carrie Ricker School

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am very pleased to be returning for my 14th year to RSU 4 and starting my 7th year as the Carrie Ricker School Counselor.  I will be seeing students individually and for group sessions in my office located on the first floor room 104.   Students can be referred through parents, teachers or administrators.   Support groups will meet for approximately 30-40 minutes, per week, for 8 to 10 weeks.  Each of the following topics represents a theme for potential support groups:

·         Changing Families-(divorce, separation)

·         Friendship

·         Personal Growth and Awareness Group

·         Coping with Grief/Loss

·         Social Skills

·         Coping with Anger

·         Self Esteem

·         Other issues that may interrupt a child learning during the school year

My classroom guidance lessons will be grade appropriate and focus on:

     Zone of requlation 


·         Teasing

·         Conflict Resolution

·         5210 eat right, be active and get healthy program

·         Internet Safety

·         Career Development

·         Tolerance and Diversity

·         Play Ground Safety

·         Other school related issues that are brought up by your learners during the year. 

Please contact me at or call me at 268-4136 ext. 104 if you feel your child could benefit from being in one of these groups, individual sessions or with any questions or concerns.