Welcome to the Marshwood High School Library website!


Mrs. Redimarker and Mrs. Rivers are happy to help you with all of the resources and information that you need for school and home. We hope you will find your school library to be a welcoming place that supports your learningYou may find music playing when you visit. If this bothers you in any way, please mention it to us so that we may take care of it.


                                                           LIBRARY HOURS
                                  Monday-Thursday 7:20-4:00, Friday 7:20-2:50



 1. Passes are required to visit the library. No written pass is needed for
     students with a SAC pass. 

 2. Backpacks are not allowed in the library (or in classrooms) without 
     a backpack pass. 

 3. We ask that you be careful with your drinks in the library. Your 
     library technology, furnishings and materials will thank you. 

 4. While absolute quiet is not expected, we ask that you please be 
     respectful of others who use and work in the library.