Welcome to the GWS Nurse Information site!

    My name is Lori Scelza and I have been a Registered Nurse for 33 years and this is my 19th year at Marshwood Great Works School!  I am a member of the National Association of School Nurses and also the Maine Association of School Nurses.  I have had experience with pediatrics, emergency medicine and family medicine.  Being a school nurse involves every aspect of nursing with a small dose of "Mom" to top it off! 
 Caring for sick or injured students is only part of my job. I facilitate health care plans to meet the medical needs of students while in school. I perform state mandated health screenings.  I educate staff annually on anaphylaxis, seizures, diabetes and many other medical issues students may have.  I assist parents in accessing health care for their child.  Education of students, staff and parents on illnesses, disease prevention and wellness is a daily event. I coordinate care for students returning to school following an illness or injury.  I am on the Student Success Team which identifies students who may be 'falling between the cracks' socially, and at times academically, to link them with appropriate services or just a personal connection with other students or staff members. I serve as a member of the school's Crisis Team and Wellness Committee.  I assist the office in monitoring children's attendance.  I am the coordinator in my school for the "Backpack Program" otherwise known as 68 hrs. to End Hunger. I refer students who can benefit from the program and coordinate getting the backpacks of food to the students!
    I work closely with the other district nurses so the care and needs of your child is as seamless as possible as they move through our district. We meet frequently as a team to make sure we are providing the best care possible for your children while they are students with us! 
    I hope you will take some time to look over my website. I have tried to think of information that would be helpful to parents, without making things look too 'busy!'  If there is something you think should be or you would like to see included on the site, please send me an email or give me a call. I will be adding and/or changing information frequently.  I am excited to continue my work in the district.  Together we can keep our school healthy!
    I am in my office every day from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Feel free to call or stop by. I can be reached by phone at 384-4010 or by email address: lori.scelza@rsu35.org.