Medications at School

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It is encouraged that students receive scheduled medications outside of school hours.  There are circumstances that medication must be given during school hours.  The School Nurse will work together with parents and prescribing providers to make this a safe practice for our students.

  • ALL MEDICATION, including 'over the counter' medications like Tylenol, Ibuprofen and cold medicine must be brought to school by a parent or guardian.  Students are not allowed to transport medication other than asthma inhalers or epi pens.
  • A note from the physician and a Medication Permission Form (which can be found under Health Forms) signed by a parent must be obtained prior to the nurse dispensing the medication.  This must be completed annually.
  • Medication must be in a current prescription bottle or in the original packaging (ask the pharmacy for a second bottle to use at home).  
  • Medication cannot be dispensed if pills are loose in a baggie.
  • No more than a 20 day supply (excluding inhalers or epinephrine pens).
  • It shall be the parent's responsibility with physician verification to notify the school of any change in or discontinuation of a prescribed medication that is being administered to the student at school.
  • All medication will be kept in the Nurse's office.  
  • All medication in the Nurse's office must be taken home the last day of school or will be discarded.