Central School Health Office

Central School 

Laura Detwiler has her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Prior to joining the staff at Central School, she worked in the field of women's health and practiced as a midwife.  

Walk into the health office, and you’ll discover that school nursing is not just dispensing ice packs and bandages. The Health Office is a busy place. Along with providing care for the rare occurrences of medical emergencies, chronic conditions such as diabetes, food allergies, and asthma are managed. Hearing and vision screenings are conducted and student's heights and weights are measured and health records maintained. Every year flu clinics and dental clinics are orchestrated.

School nursing is never boring, and it represents Public Health Nursing at its best. New challenges present themselves nearly every day. School nurses can provide direct care, one-on-one personal health care instruction, and a sympathetic ear to a worried child. They offer support and resources to students and their families. In return, school nurses are the grateful recipients of students’ creativity, vitality and sincerity. The children are the true highlight of the job.

The School Nurse is a proud part of the larger educational team at Central School. Please remember to keep the school updated with any changes regarding your child's health, and if there are changes in your child’s emergency contact information.

If you have questions or concerns about your child's health, please contact Laura at the phone number or email address below.

Laura Detwiler, RN, BSN
Central School Nurse
Phone:   207-384-2333 x 2
Fax:       207-384-2678
email:    laura.detwiler@rsu35.org