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Did you know you could get digital and audio books from the comfort of you home?  All you need to do is download the Cloud Library app and use your Old Town Public Library number!  

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Serving elementary students in Alton, Bradley and Old Town, Maine

Read Alouds

You can still listen to our read alouds all summer!

Click each name below to hear a read aloud from one of your librarians. 



Make Your Own Toilet Paper Roll Book! 
Mrs. Palmer will show you how with these step by step instructions. 


Thanks for Travis for sending in these loons photos:
Go to Grade 3 page and 'Mrs. Mayer's Read Alouds" for more photos!

Library Crew Poem

Our Library Crew of fifth graders was asked to create a poem about libraries, books, and reading. Each student wrote just one line of the poem, and then all lines were combined. Here is the finished product. Enjoy!
Library Bash

The library is a place to find the book for you, from poetry, fiction, mystery and haiku.
You pick a book and then, you fall into a world of adventure and friends.
Books are red and books are blue, but you will find the left one just for you!
The books in the library have many different thoughts and feelings rushing out of them.
Books make you feel like you want to read anywhere, anytime.
Books are red, books are blue, books are perfect for you.

Maine Student Book Award

5th Graders:
If you want to vote in this year's MSBA:

It's a great list of books anytime you're looking for something good.
Get started on NEXT year's list (this is a big deal at LMS).

OTES Parade

Did you see Mrs. Palmer in the OTES parade? 
The books really do miss you!


Many educational companies are now offering free access to their services. 
My FaceBook page is exploding with other offers as well. Is yours??
If you'd like to know which ones are best for YOUR child and family to view, access, or use, first take a look at Common Sense Media. They review not only educational sites, but also music, movies, apps and more!

I would also like to recommend these:

Also take a look under each yellow tab above for sites we use at school!  

Please stay safe "out there" and online!

Author Visit

Tuesday, January 14

Author Visit

File:Frank Twin Lakes Library

We still have the following books available:

Mary Cerullo

$10 (hardcover)

     $12 (hardcover)  $12 (hardcover)

Anne Sibley O’Brien

    $10 (hardcover)

Merry Christmas from our Library Crew

Thank you for being part of our library story!


Reader's Theatre

Students in our Reader's Theatre Extended Day Program performed a dramatic read aloud of Chris Van Dusen's Circus ShipThey did a fantastic job! 

Library Crew

Introducing our Library Crew!
These students attended our after-school program. They trained to be library volunteers and completed projects:
An incentive program for fourth-graders.

A display of books with Japanese topics!

A bulletin board:

Summer Reading

What was the best book you read this summer?
Image result for book images
Do we have it in our library?
If not, tell Mrs. Mayer to see if she would get it for us!


They recommend these 

Podcasts for Parents
It's called "Parent Trapped"

A Few Quick Links

     'Play is the highest form of         research."   
    Do you know who said this?  
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Author Birthdays
Do you know any authors whose birthdays are this month?