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Summer Ideas

Ahhhh. summer...reading, playing, resting....

Some of us find new books to read.
Some of us reread old favorites.
Some of us join summer reading programs.
Some of us stretch out at the beach or in a lawnchair!

Some of us like to add some twists to our book experience:
Check out these ideas from The Nerdy Book Club

Book Fair

Book Fair is over!
Hope you had fun!
Start saving for next year!


A few of our favorite library volunteers!

Celebrating Dr. Suess and Reading

What was your favorite part of celebrating Dr. Seuss?

Author Visits

Winter Winner #3

Winter Winner

Here is our second Super Winter Winner!

Ben checked out "Winter Poems" and selected a journal as his prize.

Winter Winner

Our first Super Winter Winner!
Five books in our library have secretly been tagged as Super Winter Winners. If you happen to check one out, you have your choice of an Olympic book.

We also had one hat as a prize, and our first winner, Dana, checked out the book, "Climbing Everest." She selected the hat as her prize.

There are four more Super Winter Winner books to be discovered.

More Prizes!
Dozens of books have been secretly tagged as Winter Winners. If a student checks out one of these, they win a special Winter Kids sticker!

Lasting Gifts

Need a last-minute gift that will last all year?

"The Nerdy Book Club" recommends these 10 quality companies offering monthly delivery of books to your favorite bookworm. Check it out!

Happy Holidays!

We all need words of encouragement now and then.
Stop by our library door to give what you can, or take what you need!
What Mrs. Mayer needs is help with Google Sites! If you know how to rotate this photo, please drop her a line!


You Only Live Once, 
so spend as much time as you can at
Your Own Library Oasis!

Where in the World???

Where in the world is Mrs. Palmer?

Second graders are invited to guess where she has gone this week.

Come to the library and read the hint. Try to guess. You might win a prize!

Summer Reading

Read a lot!
Run a lot!
Rest a lot!

  • What did you read? 
  • How did you make your body strong?
  • How did you rest your mind?

Click here to share with Mrs. Mayer. 
Come back soon to see what others have done!

Mrs. Mayer read the "Poppy & Rye" series by Avi. She hiked and did yoga. She wondered what all her students were reading!

Summer Reading

  • What could I read this summer?
  • How can I find good books to read?
  • Where can I get books to read during the summer?
  • Who can I talk to about books?
  • Libraries!
  • Yard Sales often have many great books.
  • Friends: get together with your friends and have a book swap.
  • Biblionasium  is an online place to discuss books you've read with others who love to read. Ask your parents to sign you up!
  • Take a look at these diverse books.
  • If you have other ideas, let Mrs. Mayer know and she will add it to this list, and give you a new book!

Book Fair

What fun!                                Thanks to PTC!
What books!                            Thanks to families!
What readers!                            Thanks to book-lovers!

Congratulations to Ian, Zekial, Zianna, Finn, Destiny, and Jon for guessing closest to how many pinecones were in the jar during PreView!

Dr. Seuss


We know that Dr. Seuss' birthday is March 2. But did you know that most of us do not say his name correctly?
There are a couple different ways to say it, but if you want to know how he pronounced his name, go to his website:
And click on the Biography link.

Another Snowman!

Our snowman is complete, so we started another one!
Congratulations to Kobe S. and Clive H. whose names were selected from the first snowman. Keep recommending your best reads!

Help Us Build a Snowman!

Our snowman is growing! How? Each snowball has the title of a book recommended by one of our students.

What would you recommend?

The Night Before Christmas

Did you know:
  • "The Night Before Christmas" was written nearly 200 years ago?
  • the original title was "A Visit From St. Nicholas"?
  • it was made into a silent movie over 100 years ago?
  • there are hundreds of versions?
Click here for some versions illustrated from over 100 years ago.

Here are some modern versions we have in the OTES library. Which is your favorite?

Holiday Gift Idea

Previous Author Visit Books   

We have a number of books leftover from previous author visits to OTES.

If you’d like a great gift, you might consider purchasing one of these books.

They are bargain priced: $10 for hardcovers and $5 for paperbacks.

Most are signed by the author.

See Mrs. Mayer in the library!

We have books by:

Russ Cox (Faraway Friends and all books in the Freddy Frogcaster series)

Rebekah Raye (Bearly There)

James Kaiser (Acadia National Park Guide)

Cathryn Falwell (Nesting Quilt, Gobble Gobble, Turtle Splash, Rainbow Stew)

April Pulley Sayre (Go, Go, Grapes and Raindrops Roll)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our students are thankful
 for more than books! 


Viola Rand Readers

Viola Rand School library has a new look!

Alton Readers

Reading at the big table in the Alton library.

Author Visit: James Kaiser

Travel guide author & photographer James Kaiser came to OTES on October 28. He spoke to all our 4th graders about Acadia National Park. 
Fourth graders were given copies of his newly udpaded book:

Take a look at his work:
If you did not get a copy, you may borrow one from the OTES library.

Author Visit: Cathryn Falwell

Here are a few pictures from our recent author visits with Russ Cox and Cathryn Falwell at OTES.
These students won a free book signed by the author!

New Chairs at OTES

Mrs. Robichaud and Dr. Tuell take a moment to read and enjoy the new 
cozy chairs at OTES!

Scroll down for more pictures and news.
Summer Reading
Log your minutes

  • Mrs. Mayer still has a few books to sell from Todd Parr and Josh Alves. Contact her if you would like to buy one!

OTES FALL WRITING CLUB has published their work!
Click here to read their creative thoughts!

Author Birthdays
This month we are celebrating Jerry Pinkney Can you name a book by him?

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