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Author Visit Winners

Three of our students who won books by our visiting authors. 
We gave away 24 books by the authors!

When asked why Russ Cox was here to visit, one student enthusiastically replied, "He writes awesome books!"

Author Visits: Indoor Story Walks

To help prepare for our author visits on Wednesday, Jan. 16, students may view a book written by each author in our Indoor Story Walks. 

We are excited to have visiting authors 
 Russ Cox and Roger L. Stevens, Jr.!

How far would YOU fall for a book?

BeeBots in the Library Club

Recently a few 3rd and 4th graders practiced coding BeeBots to map the library with Mrs. Daniel. 

Poet Tree Corner

These students discovered the new Poet-Tree corner in our library!

Story Walk

Story Walks are a great way to enjoy a book and the outdoors at the same time! This fall we are pleased to bring this book to you. The author, Lynn Plourde, will be one of our visiting authors on January 16. 
What will you do with YOUR favorite fall coat when you outgrow it?


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Russ Cox & Roger Stevens
were at OTES
on Wed, Jan. 16th!
We still have a few books for sale by Russ Cox.
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Did you do our story walk?

Author Birthdays
This month we celebrate
Find out when her birthday is. If you share her birthday, let your librarian know and we'll give a special book mark to you!

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