Teacher / Ed Tech Certification

Please refer to the links under the "Certification Forms & Documents" page.  Additional notes:

1)  Please make sure your home address is correct with the state certification office (google "Maine Department of Education Certification" to find their current contact info).  The state sends renewal notices and certificates to whatever address they have on file, so if you have moved, you will miss important things.  

2)  I have directed Brenda (Brenda Dahlbergh, Certification Secretary for RSU #34) to stop giving courtesy reminders about upcoming/past deadlines after the 2nd notice.  Maintaining certification is a requirement to work for public school districts in Maine for nearly all positions.  It is not a good use of time/resources to chase after people to maintain their professional certification by giving 3rd notices, 4th notices, 5th notices, etc. Brenda will certainly continue to answer questions folks have about their certification, but after the 2nd courtesy reminder she will not chase after people who choose to put their employment at risk.  

3)  It has long been our practice in RSU #34 that if you are not certified for your position, you are immediately placed on substitute pay until your certification is resolved.  This is the best-case scenario; consequences could be as severe as loss of employment.  Remember, certification is a legal requirement for nearly all public school positions in Maine; RSU #34 would be in violation if we employed non-certified people for positions that require certification.  

4)  Please be sure to leave some processing time when filing for initial or renewal CHRC and certification.  Typically, before documents like this leave RSU #34 they need to be reviewed and/or signed by multiple people, some of whom are part-time employees.  Please be sure to leave plenty of time for things to travel by inter-office mail, to get to the top of busy people's to-do lists, to travel by mail to the state, etc.  

5)  RSU #34 helps support you in maintaining professional certification by employing a part-time certification secretary (Brenda) and a stipended certification support system chairperson (Leslie Johnson-Wright).  Additionally, several of your colleagues volunteer their time to serve as representatives to the support system:  Melissa Gasaway, Brenda Parker, Rachel Sullivan, and Shelly Tuttle – I appreciate their efforts in this important role, as well as the efforts of our many certification mentors working with our new colleagues.  I serve as the administrative contact for the support system team.  

6)  More information/forms about certification:

State:  http://www.maine.gov/doe/teaching/development.html 

(there is a link on the state's website through which you can check your certification or CHRC status and expiration dates)

Local:  through this website

In general – please help us help you with your professional requirements!

*Keep an eye on your renewal dates, and plan ahead to take care of things at a comfortable pace with time to spare

*Make sure you're up-to-date with an approved recertification plan - state regulations require that the Support System Team has reviewed and approved your plan prior to implementation, so activities can't be counted unless you have an approved plan in place

*Send documentation of professional development that fits with your plan over to Brenda as soon as you do it, so you don't have to search for it later (keep a copy for yourself)

*Make sure your mailing address with the state is always up-to-date so you do not miss notices

*Whenever you receive a new certificate from the state, send a copy through inter-office mail to Brenda (Brenda Dahlbergh, Certification Office @ OTES), AND a copy to the Central Office for your personnel file.  

Educational Technicians:  

*Some trainings required by state regulation or insurance regulations occur multiple times in a five-year renewal cycle.  This includes, for example, FERPA, Bullying, Bloodborne Pathogens, Sexual Harassment, Suicide Awareness, and Mandated Reporter trainings.  
    *All ed techs may count hours for such required trainings once within a five year renewal cycle. 
    *For self-paced online trainings, 1 hour for each training will be allowed.  Documentation would be a copy of the certificate printed from the training site.
    *For in-person trainings that have a different duration, the actual time on the certificate will be allowed.  
    *If you have questions, please email the support system chairperson, Leslie Johnson-Wright.