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This website will contain information about team events, schedules, teacher websites and other relevant information that may be useful to you.

Student Account Websites

Infinite Campus Login
OTHS Google Login
EdYOUSched Login

Log-in Formats:

Infinite Campus 
Username: 22first.last
Password: 22Flid#

OTHS Google
Username: 22first.last@hs.rsu34.k12.me.us
Password: 22Flid#

Note: Google may ask you to change your password.  If so, please change it to something you will remember and in a couple of days, change it back to the standard password.

Username: 22first.last@hs.rsu34.k12.me.us
Password: 22Flid#

Username: first.last
Password: 22Flid#

Reminder: Usernames are not case sensitive, but passwords are case sensitive.  Be sure to capitalize the first letter of your first name when typing your password.

Class Websites

Mr. Smith & Mrs. Doore

 Social Studies

 Earth Systems Science