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Winter Sports Schedules for 2017-2018
* All Times are PM - unless otherwise indicated

* Bold Lettering denotes - Senior Game

Boys' Basketball

 DateOpponentTime Result
 Dec. 9vs. MDI5:30/7:00 
 Dec. 12@ Ellsworth 5:30/7:00  
 Dec. 15@ Mt. View6:30  
 Dec. 19vs. John Bapst7:00  
 Dec. 23@ Caribou3:00/4:30  
 Dec. 28vs. Hermon3:00/4:30  
 Jan. 3vs. Foxcroft Academy 5:30/7:00  
 Jan. 5vs. Mt. View 7:00  
 Jan. 9@ Washington Academy 5:30/7:00  
 Jan. 11vs. Orono 5:30/7:00  
 Jan. 13@ John Bapst TBA  
 Jan. 15vs. Presque Isle 5:30  
 Jan. 23vs. Ellsworth 5:30/7:00  
 Jan. 25@ Foxcroft Academy 5:30/7:00  
Jan. 27 @ Hermon 3:00/4:30  
Jan. 31 vs. Washington Academy 5:30/7:00  
Feb. 6 @ MDI 5:30/7:00  
 Feb. 8@ Orono 5:30/7:00  

Girls' Basketball

 DateOpponentTime Result
Dec. 8 vs. MDI 5:30/7:00  
 Dec. 13@ Ellsworth5:30/7:00
Dec. 15 @ Mt. View 5:30  
Dec. 19 vs. John Bapst 5:30  
Dec. 23 @ Caribou 12:00/1:30  
 Dec. 28vs. Hermon 12:00/1:30  
 Dec. 30@ MDI 5:30/7:00  
Jan. 4 vs. Foxcroft Academy 5:30/7:00  
Jan. 5 vs. Mt. View 7:00  
 Jan. 8vs. Orono 5:30/7:00  
Jan. 10 @ Foxcroft Academy 5:30/7:00  
 Jan. 12 @ John Bapst5:30/7:00  
 Jan. 15vs. Presque Isle 7:00  
 Jan. 24@ Washington Academy 5:30/7:00  
Jan. 27 @ Hermon 12:00/1:30  
 Jan. 30vs. Washington Academy 5:30/7:00  
Feb. 3 vs. Ellsworth 1:00/2:30  
Feb. 7 @ Orono 5:30/7:00  

Winter Cheering

 Jan. 16MCCA Showcase  OTHS
Jan. 13 Big East Competition  
Jan. 19JV Brewer Comp Brewer HS
 Jan. 20    PVC Competition  Mattanawcook Academy
 Jan. 27Regional Competition Cross Insurance Center, Bangor
 Feb. 3JV/V Bangor Competition Bangor HS
 Feb. 10State Championship Cross Insurance Center, Bangor

OT/Orono Black Bears Ice Hockey
 DateOpponentTime Result
 Nov. 24Pre-Season Tournament TBA  
 Nov. 25Pre-Season Tournament TBA  
 Dec. 3Pre-Season Tournament TBA  
Dec. 9 vs. Messalonskee10:00am
Dec. 13 @ Waterville/Winslow 7:30  
 Dec. 15JV vs. Waterville/Winslow 7:00  
 Dec. 16vs. John Bapst 4:00  
 Dec. 23vs. Hampden Academy 6:00  
 Dec. 27@ Camden Hills 7:00  
Dec. 29 JV vs. Brewer 2:00  
 Dec. 30@ Gardiner 12:30  
 Jan. 5JV @ Camden Hills 4:25  
 Jan. 6@ Lawrence/Skowhegan 2:00  
 Jan. 9@ Houlton 6:00  
Jan. 12 vs. Brewer 7:30  
 Jan. 19@ Presque Isle 7:00  
 Jan. 26vs. Presque Isle 7:00  
 Jan. 27JV @ Waterville/Winslow 3:30  
 Jan. 30@ Messalonskee 7:30  
 Feb. 2@ John Bapst 6:30  
 Feb. 9vs. Houlton 6:00  
 Feb. 10vs. Waterville/Winslow 4:30  
 Feb. 16JV vs. Camden Hills 7:00  
 Feb. 17@ Brewer TBA  
 Feb. 19vs. Camden Hills 7:00  
Feb. 21 @ Hampden Academy 6:00  

Indoor Track

 DateOpponentTime  LocationResult
Dec. 16vs. Bgr, Buck, FA, Hermon, GSA, MA & MDI3:10  U-Maine 
 Dec. 30vs. Brewer, Central, FA, Hampden, Hermon, John Bapst & Sumner 10:40am  U-Maine 
 Jan. 6Black Bear Relays 3:10  U-Maine 
 Jan. 12vs. Bangor, Brewer, GSA & MDI 4:40  U-Maine 
 Jan. 20vs. Bangor, Brewer, Ellsworth, Hermon & MA 9:40am  U-Maine 
 Jan. 27vs. Bucksport, Ellsworth, FA, Hermon, John Bapst & Orono 10:40am  U-Maine 
 Feb. 3vs. Brewer, Bucksport, Central, GSA, MA, MDI & Orono 2:10  U-Maine 
 Feb. 10PVC - EMITL Championship Meet 4:40  U-Maine 
 Feb. 17Class B State Meet 12:00  Bates College 
 March 3New England Track & Field Championship  TBA Boston 

Swim Schedule

 DateOpponentTime Result
Dec. 8 @ MDI6:00  
 Dec. 16@  Carlisle 1:00  
Dec. 22 vs. John Bapst 6:00  
 Dec. 29vs. Foxcroft Academy 6:00  
 Jan. 12@ Brewer 6:00  
 Jan. 19@ Ellsworth 7:00  
 Jan. 26vs. Orono 6:00  
 Jan. 27Palmer Diving Invitational 10:00am  
 Jan. 30vs. Belfast 6:00  
 Feb. 2@ Bangor 6:00  
 Feb. 9Men's PVC (@ U-Maine) 5:00  
 Feb. 10
Women's PVC (@ U-Maine) 1:00  
 Feb. 19Women's State Meet (@ Bowdoin) TBA  
 Feb. 20 Men's State Meet (@ Bowdoin) TBA  

Fall 2016 Sports Results

Field Hockey 11-35th Place in Class BLoss to Lawrence HS in Quarter Final
Football 4-4 6th Place in Class B Lost to Winslow in Quarter Final 
 Golf20-0 PVC Champions 3rd Place in States - Class B 
 Boys' Soccer5-9 10th Place in Class B Lost to MDI in Play-In Game 
Girls' Soccer 4-10 17th Place in Class B No Play-Off Appearance 

Winter 2017 Sports Results

Boys' Basketball 5-1315th Place in Class BNo Play-Off Appearance
Cheering 3rd Place in PVC Meet 4th Place in Class B State Meet 
 Girls' Basketball1-17 15th Place in Class B No Play-Off Appearance 
 Ice Hockey14-2-2  2nd Place in Class B Class B North Runners-Up
Indoor Track  Boys' - 5th Place in PVC
Boys' - 3rd Place in Class B
Girls' - 3rd Place in PVC
Girls' - 3rd place in Class B
Boys' - Sportsmanship Award Winners
Girls' - Sportsmanship Award Winners
 Swimming X Boys' - PVC Champions
Girls' - 5th Place in PVC
 Boys' - Class B State Champions
Girls' - 6th Place in Class B

Spring 2017 Sports Results

Baseball 13-31st Place in Class BClass B Northern Maine Champs
Softball 14-2 2nd Place in Class B Class B State Champions
 Boys' Tennis 5-79th Place in Class B Lost in the Opening Round
 Girls' Tennis0-12 16th Place in Class B No Playoff Appearance 
Outdoor Track Boys'
Boys' - Sportsmanship Award Winners
Girls' - Sportsmanship Award Winners

Fall 2017 Sports Results

Field Hockey 11-37th Place in Class BLost to Brewer in Preliminary Round
Football  2-6 10th Place in Class CNo Playoff Appearance
 Golf20-0 PVC Champions Qualified for States - Class B 
 Boys' Soccer4-9-1 10th Place in Class B Lost to Ellsworth in Preliminary Round
Girls' Soccer  3-1115th Place in Class BNo Playoff Appearance 




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