ELA with Mrs. Tuttle

      Hi! Welcome to 7th Grade! I'm looking forward to being your teacher this year! In 7th Grade  you will have the opportunity to  read and write in a variety of genres including biography, personal narrative, short story, news, editorial, advertising and poetry.  You will have quite a bit of choice for reading material, including independent reading and class assigned readings.  You will also have plenty of opportunity to practice your public speaking skills, which will come in handy for our big debates in May!  Much or our work will correlate to units taught in Social Studies. 

I think you will enjoy using the new ipads! We will make use of the many programs  for composing, conferencing, and presenting our work, as well as to learn about various topics on neat websites. 

The spelling/vocabulary program is individualized. You will take responsibility for identifying vocabulary in reading material and will also use the  Wordly- Wise vocabulary program.  You will also spend some time studying Greek and Latin roots!  Why?  This can help you to expand your spelling and comprehension skills.  


Unit 1  A new Country: Government, Community, & Civics

  Students will be reviewing the U.S. Revolutionary time period, including causes and effects of the revolution. They will read historical fiction  as well as view primary and secondary sources which will help them to understand the multiple perspectives of the time period.  

Additionally,  students will learn about the U.S. government and other types of government, as well as rights and responsibilities of a U.S. citizen.  They will read  biographies of people who have contributed meaningfully to society, as well as learn about the importance of being an informed citizen and take part in research and discussion of current social issues.  

Lastly, students will apply concepts from this unit to help our team build a sense of community.  Students will participate in cooperative challenges and writing activities that help students get to know team mates.  

Unit 2  The United States Grows: Westward Expansion 

Unit 3  The American Civil War

  For both of these units, Students will study the causes and effects (geographically, socially, economically) of the westward expansion of the United States. They will read historical fiction as well as view primary and secondary sources which will help them to understand the multiple perspectives of the time period.  Students will have the opportunity to research an individual topic of interest related to this time period in U.S. history.

Unit 4  Invention Convention

  Students will apply concepts related to problem solving, economics and persuasive writing in this unit.  Each student will be challenged to create and market a unique invention.  

Unit 5  The Great Debates

  Students will prepare all year for their big public speaking debut!   This unit offers students the opportunity to select, research and support and defend a position on a current social issue.   Students will work as a team to write a debate speech and then participate in a debate, each taking on a debate role for the team. Throughout the unit, students will read and write editorials and editorial cartoons.

ON-GOING in ELA:  Wordly Wise vocabulary program, Word Study (Greek and Latin roots), Weekly reading and journaling about independently chosen “Reading Counts” book 


*Reads consistently in and out of school and makes independent reading choices that lead to success

*Reads and understands a variety of genres

*Effectively uses comprehension strategies

*Cites evidence from text to support conclusions

*Understands and uses features of nonfiction texts

*Understands elements of literature/story

*Explain author’s use of literary devices

*Effective writer in areas of Ideas/Content Development; Conventions; Organization; Word choice; Sentence fluency; Voice; Planning, drafting, revising

  • Public speaking (big focus on this in Trimester 3)
  • Includes meaningful multimedia and visuals in presentations

Student learning and understanding will be assessed by criteria identified for specific state standards that are identified for assignments. Students will be given opportunities to demonstrate knowledge of the criteria and standards through home and class work such as quizzes and tests, reading responses, written pieces and projects and presentations. Missing work or incomplete work is unacceptable. Students will have opportunities to re-work assessments  during and after school.  

Grading Description
  • We are a standards based school.  Students will either Exceed, Meet, Partially Meet or Does Not Meet a standard.  When working toward a standard, students will be either Progressing at a High Level, Progressing Appropriately , showing Inconsistent Progress or show Limited Progress. 

Progress Reports and Report Cards will reflect  progress toward a standard. 

Homework- *Students are expected to read 20-30 minutes a night, at least 4 nights a week and journal about what they have read on a “weekly bookmark.”  

        *Much time is given in class for completing assignments and projects.  At times, however, a student may need additional time at home to complete work. Due dates and projects are recorded on Team calendar kept in student’s Team Moose folder as well as on  the Team Moose website. 

Assignment Calendar
The calendar below will be updated as much as possible to list assignments and projects. Assignments are listed as they are DUE (unless otherwise specified). Students should use daily planner/calendar to keep track of assignments and other due dates. This calendar can be used as a backup for absences, parental check-in, and changes to schedule.

ELA Assignments