5th Grade Band

We are off to a great start! Please encourage students to play their instruments daily (even just 5 minutes helps) so they start to develop the muscles/motor skills to comfortably manipulate their instruments. 
This is the awkward stage when everything is new so the more time they spend getting familiar with it - the sooner they can start making some music you will recognize! Thank you! They all have been fantastic!

Please contact Ms. Mallory if you'd like to arrange extra help. 

Targets for the first few lessons:

I can assemble my instrument properly
I can hold my instrument properly
I can sit or stand with good posture
I can produce a sound on my instrument
I can put my instrument away properly

We are working on page 6 of the books. Students should be familiar with the first three notes.

It won't be long before students are playing a few notes and I will be using backing tracks from Youtube while we "jam" and learn how to "speak" through our instruments. The most popular track I use is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPUkl_WE94E but there are several to choose form and I encourage you to explore them with your child.


Playing Tips:
Please click HERE to go to a helpful instruction video website

Instrument Care:
Please click HERE for instrument care videos..like how to clean your trumpet etc.

SMART MUSIC info: http://www.smartmusic.com

Here is a link to the method book we use: 
(Standard of Excellence Book 1)

Here are some fabulous online resources:

Music theory practice and lessons: