Word Skills

  • Arrange and rearrange magnet letters to spell a variety of words. Great for word families!
  • Say and sound. Say a word and ask your child what sounds they are hearing in the beginning or the end of the word.
  • Play sight and word bingo! A little preparation can make learning sight words fun!
  • Write sentences together. You can rotate writing one sentence each or help each other to make one sentence at a time.
  • Use sight words in your sentences. The more they see them the quicker children know them. 
  • Word families can be used in many different ways. You can name them all, use magnet letters, white boards or make family word dice.
  • S-L-O-W - say a word super slow and then have the child repeat the word. The slower we speak a word, the better the child hears the sounds and letters within the word.
  • Matching games with words and pictures.
  • Group together some same letter words (e.g. all words that begin with t).
  • Play Scrabble with names, pull letters and try to spell the name, a friend's or family member's.
  • Spell in the car. Say a word while running an errand and then have your child repeat the word back to you and try to spell it.
  • Practice, practice, practice, Mix it up with a new activity or word hunt whenever possible to keep learning fun for your child.
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Jamie Jensen,
Nov 3, 2011, 8:52 AM