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The Rubric for the Argument Paper

1. Process:  Students will be able to plan for purpose and audience:  write, edit, revise then rewrite or plan a new approach to create a publishable document.

I can use pre-writing strategies to formulate ideas.

I can make use of the writing process to construct text for an intended audience.

I can examine my writing to determine if my purpose and audience have been fully addressed and revise when necessary.

I can construct a document that is fit for sharing with an audience outside of the classroom.

2. Product:  Students will be able to select and synthesize information in order to develop a claim, argument or idea that relies on valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence.

I can select information relevant to a topic.

I can use information relevant to a topic to identify a position or idea.

I can prioritize relevant information to support a perspective.

I can justify my perspective by acknowledging opposing  perspectives

or by choosing details that solidify my position or ideas.

3. Product: Students will be able to organize using transitions so that elements develop and conclude.  

* Need exemplars for consistent scoring and demonstration of levels of proficiency

I can use transition words and phrases.  

I can select words, phrases, and clauses to prioritize ideas and concepts.

I can develop relationships between ideas and concepts to create a coherent whole.

I can adapt my language to maximize the clarity of  ideas and concepts .  

4. Product: Students will be able to assess the usefulness and credibility of each source, noting discrepancies and agreement among sources.  (ALL)

I can select sources related to my topic.

I can examine sources to determine if they are not only credible, but also useful to me.

I can determine the strengths and limitations of sources, paying attention to where they agree  and disagree.

I can choose and synthesize the sources that best fit my purpose, task, and audience.

5. Product: Students will be able to avoid plagiarism by following a standard MLA format for citation.  ALL

I can identify information that should be cited in my work.

I can use a strategy  to give credit to the sources where I found words or ideas.  

I can demonstrate different ways to give credit for words and ideas that I find.  

I can use a range of strategies to give credit to sources where I found words or ideas.

Annotated Biography - MAKE A COPY, Do NOT just edit the document! Link for annotated bibliographies:  

Organizer for Argument paper:  choose one, print and complete for next class!  Choose one of these organizers and complete for Wednesday!
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