Upload Music


Click HERE to download the following directions.

STEP 1) Download the music

Click to download MP3

STEP 2) Record yourself in Garageband

  • Once the MP3 is downloaded, open GarageBand and select Voice.
  • Use the following naming convention to name your file:
      • avatarname-quarter-grade-year
  • (Example: fuzzybunnyQ2G710)
  • Slide the audio file onto the track.
  • First, in the MENU click CONTROL and uncheck the Metronome
  • Then click on the Male or Female silhouette in the upper left and on the RED BUTTON to record.

  • Once you have recorded the best example of your assessment, in the MENU click SHARE > Export Song to Disk.
  • (Make sure it says, Compressing Using: MP3 Encoder.)

STEP 3) Upload the Song

  • Login to your Google Account.
  • Go to Sites (click More > Sites)
  • Go to your Digital Portfolio and your music page. (If you don't have one, click Create Page in the upper right.)
  • At the bottom click Attachments > Choose File and find the MP3. (If you can't see attachments, click Page Settings and check attachments)
  • To insert the MP3 Player in your Music webpage.
  • CTRL-CLICK on the Download link at the bottom of the page and Copy Link Address.
  • Click EDIT PAGE in the upper right corner.
  • On the music page, in the upper left click INSERT and Scroll ALL the way down to more gadgets...
  • Search for a gadget called "Dew Player" (the quotes are important) and select the first one, click Select.
  • Delete the existing text in the Song URL box, and Paste your link there.
  • Click OK
  • Click SAVE in the upper right corner.

FINAL STEP) Hand in your Assessment

  • Go to the MUSIC page in your web portfolio.
  • COPY the web address at the top (something like http://sites.google.com/site/fuzzybunny1914/music)
  • Fill in this form below and PASTE the web address in the last text box.