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STEP 1)    Go to www.Google.com, click the Sign in Button in the upper right and log into your rsu19.net account.
                [Note: first initial, middle initial, last name: jasmith@rsu19.net]
                [Password: warriors19]

STEP 2) Navigate to www.rsu19.info and click the Portfolios link on the right.

             Then click the Use this Template link at the top.

NOTE: If the link returns an error, close the tab and click the link again.

STEP 4) Rename the site to your first and last name 
STEP 5) Copy the URL address of your new portfolio, and paste it in this form.

STEP 6) Click the blue Share Site button in the upper right.
             In the Invite people box enter your advisors email address. For example: sgould@rsu19.net
             Click Save.

STEP 7) Click the edit icon in the upper right. 
                Highlight the green text and delete. 

STEP 8) Open https://drive.google.com and create a new folder called: Portfolio. 
             Right-Click on this folder and select Share >> Share
             Click the change link
            Click Public (Anything in this folder will shared publicly, such as the resume document and other shared work.)
            Click Save and Done.