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Learning Experiences (classes) :   Simply put, a learning experience is a grouping of learning targets (standards) and content that a student will work through to receive credit.  At Messalonskee, students generally have option to take two types of learning experiences: Courses & Seminars.  Both courses and seminars count toward content-area credit for graduation and both provide varying degrees of rigor based on their makeup.  Typical 1 credit classes run for one semester every day.  (more info below)

Credit Value (Although not bound by time, courses and seminars duration & credits generally fall into the following values below)

2 credits:  Year Long Course ("double" classes are rare)

1 credit:  Semester Course (most classes at MHS are semester classes)

.5 credit:  Qtr. Course or Seminar

Above are links to each content areas page.  Each page includes all learning experience offerings (courses & seminars) as well as supporting resources.  

Note: Each course and seminar is a learning experience template document that includes a full course description, information on the standards covered, as well as the prerequisite learning (standards) that should be met prior to taking that learning experience. For a complete course list, see the sidebar in each content area website.

Course:  A course is a grouping of learning targets and learning expectations.  Courses are not defined by seat time alone, but do require students to work through learning targets while covering a predetermined amount of content.  A student is expected to apply prior learning to the unique context(s) of the course as well as meet the expectations within that course.

Seminar:  A seminar is similar to a course in that it is built upon a predetermined set of learning expectations and is not bound by seat time alone for completion.  A seminar is generally designed around fewer learning goals, is shorter in expected duration, is built on the principle of integrated learning (cross-content) and is tailored to the needs and interests of students.

Note: At Messalonskee, both courses and seminars are not bound by time and space; it is our expectation that once a student has demonstrated mastery in the standards and content of a learning experience that he or she will move on to new learning.

More information:

Complete PROGRAM OF STUDIES document.

This page should serve as a starting point to review each learning experience at MHS as well as the complete RSU18 curriculum. Further information can be found on the RSU18 district page.

Note: All course registrations will be individually reviewed by a counselor at MHS.