Looking for information about our identification system and services?

The GT Brochure outlining our identification process is now included in the Parent Resources section listed at left. Those interested in the Messalonskee GT program can download the document and  find that it answers a number of questions.

We have a page for Talented Readers, which you'll also see listed at the bottom of this page. It  includes a book list and other activities to do with your gifted readers. It's linked to Maine Gateways, the website for the MSAD 75 Gifted and Talented Program in Topsham. They have a talented readers page that we really like, with resources for teachers, parents and students.

We have added several new websites you may find helpful. You probably know that Khan Academy has math videos and practice problems, but did you know it also has a program to teach kids to code? Kids can create wonderful animations using their tools.  Khan also covers other subjects so that's a good place to head to learn just about anything.

Code Academy is a free learn-to-code website.

IXL has a plethora of practice problems in many strands of math. I believe it's limited to 20 problems per day unless you subscribe. Many RSU 18 students have IXL accounts.

Scratch is a site where kids can make their own animations. Kids have made some terrific math projects with this and also created animated stories. 
https://code.org/ is a great site for learning to program. 

There's a link to Mindset here and in the Parent Resources section. It's a fabulous, perspective-shifting book.

Mensa for Kids has all sorts of resources from TED talks to games. Well worth checking out.

If there are resources you'd like to see included, please let us know!

Julia Hanauer-Milne

Tamiko Paquette