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With Technology You Can Explore the Universe

Temp:  Two Kinds of Maps

❤️  Someone Loves you Mr. Hatch Storyline Online❤️

💘  Valentines Day Interactive Learning Games💘

Quick Links


Health Games

Learning Games for Kids

The Water Cycle Rap! Course C

ABCYA Story Maker

ABCY Paint!

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade Links 

💻Technology Lab Google Doc Templates

Adding to 10 - Google Doce

5.  About Me Edit - Google Docs 

6.  Beginning and Endings Sounds - Google Docs

7. Capitals and Punctuation Grade 2 October

8.  Contractions - Google Docs

9.  Color Words - Google Docs

10.  Capitals and Punctuation - Google Docs

11. Copy and Paste 1 to 10 - Google Docs

12. Counting to 10 - Google Docs

13. Counting 10 - 20 - Google Docs

17.  Double  Constants - Google Docs

18.  Even, Odd, <, >, = October

19.  Fact Families - Google Drawing 

20.  Fact Families #2 - Google Drawing

23.  How Many- Google Docs

24.  Identifying Change - Google Docs

25.  Label the Part of the Plant - Google Drawings

27.  Letter Blends - Google Docs

28.  Letters and Numbers - Google Docs

29. Long & Short Vowels - Google Docs

30.  Missing Number Grid Numbers - Google Docs

31.  Nouns and Counting - Google Docs

32.  Number 1 -10 Writing- Google Docs

33.  Parts of a Computer Label -Good Docs

34.  Pronouns - Google Docs Grade 2 January

37.  Skip Counting 1, 2, 5, 10 - Google Docs

39. Underlining- Google Docs Templates

40. Uppercase - October Grade 1

41. Uppercase, Lowercase and Numbers - October Grade 1

45. Vowel Sounds - Google Docs

46. Vowels Short and Long - Google Docs

📝High Frequency Words📝


📖English and Language Arts📖

ABC Recognition

ABC Matching

ABC Order
  Learning Planet ABC Game

10 Red Apples - E-Book

BBC- Words and Pictures
   See if you can find the real words

BBC- Words and Pictures for Grade 2
   Spelling pattern games

Bembo's Zoo
  Animal Letter Game

8 Counting – Learning Planet

Crawford The Cat
   Interactive personal, social and practical skills

10 Garfield's Island

11 Gullah Tales
     South Carolina Stories

12 Mighty Books

13 Nasa Space Place Games

14  PBS Detective Game
      Interactive Clue Game to find the Main Idea 

15  PBS Hamburger Game
     Main Idea of a Story Interactive Game

16  PBS Questioning Cube
     Identify the Main Ideas of a Story Interactive Game

17 ReadWriteThink Picture Match
     Short and Long Vowel Sounds and Begining Letter Sounds Game

18 Solar System Video

19 ***Spelling City - First Grade Calendar

20 Story Place
     Interactive stories for children

21. Vowels, Long - Turtle Diary

22. Vowels, Short - Turtle Diary

23  Word Maker
       Read-Write-Think! Word building game 


1. ABCYA Add to 10

2. Adding to Ten -Video

3. Clock Games

4. Count Your Chickens

5. Mr. Elephant Matching
    Learning Planet matching game

Shape Song - Ebook

Starfall- Adding to 10

Stop the Clock
   Game designed to help student learn to tell time

9 Time -Cut Copy Paste -Nov Grade 2

10  Toon University Math Games -Gr 1, 2, 3
    Interactive math games for younger students

 🖥Technology Class🖨

All about Turtles
Gulf of Maine Aquarium turtle page

Butterfly Life Cycle Song

3. Holiday Acrostic

How do Plants Grow?

4 November Edit

Solar System Acrostic


Why Do Leaves Change Color
Learn why the leaves change color in the fall

🗝Social Studies

1. Adventure Island 
National Geographic Mapping Game

2. Go! George Go!
PBS kids Mapping Game

3. Reading a Map - Video

4. North America Fill In Map

5. North, East, South, West Memory Game

6. Pirate Ship Compass Game

7. The First Thanksgiving
Lean about the pilgrims first year in the new world


1. Bill Nye The Science Guy - Life Cycles

2. Bill Nye The Science Guy - The Water Cycle

3.  Human Life Cycle Template - Google Drawings

4. Life Cycle Edit - Google Docs

5. Living and Nonliving Things- Google Docs

6. Living and Nonliving Things Interactive Game

7. Living and Nonliving Things Video

8. Mammal Life Cycle Edit - Miss Poirier - Google Docs

9. One Seed song and Video

10.  Sid the Seed - Video

11. Solar System Acrostic Poem Template - Google Docs

12. Star Child- The Solar System

13. The Plant Song

14. Turtle Diary Water Cycle

15.  The Water Cycle - Harcourt School Science Close Up

16. Winter Solstice Edit - Google Docs

3rd and 4th Grade Links

Astronomy & Space

Astronomy for Kids

e-Learning Planets

Star Child – The Solar System

Solar System Video

The Nine Planets for Kids

Fairy Tales

1. Fairy Tale Graph - Google Doc Template 

2. The Elements of a Fairytale

3.  The Thee Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf

4  The True Story of The Three Little Pigs

💻Technology Class💻


    Oliver Poster


     Holinger Poster


     Zemrak Poster

1  Bio Poem

2  Butterfly Edit

3  Cut, Copy, and Paste Google Doc

4  Cut, Copy, Paste, Spell Check, Undo

5.  Dumpty Humpty Edit Google Docs 

6. Dumpty Humpty Edit Four Grade - Google Doc

7 February Vacation Edit

8. Jack and Jill Edit

Healthy Edit

10. How Do Computers Work -Google Doc Template

11  Hidden Message Cut, Copy, Paste

12.  I COMMAND YOU!!! Google Template

13.  Last Technology Class - Google Template

14  Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives - Google Template

15 Noun Color Edit

16 Persuasive Pumpkin

17  Poems and Rhyming 

18 Pumpkin Describe - Google Doc Template

19  Punctuation and Symbols - Google Template

20  4th Grade Punctuation and Symbols- Google Template

21  Cut, Copy, Paste, Spell Check

22 Secret Mission Copy and Paste- Google Template

23  Space Edit

24 Technology Terms - Google Template

25 Technology Term Directory

26  Times Copy & Paste

27 Veterans Day Edit - Google Template

28 What Makes a Fairytale a Fairy Tale Presentation 

29 Web Browser Definition and Examples - Google Template 

30 Winter Edit

31. Z.  April 2nd Grade Edit

32.   Turkey Edit

33. WebSite Label

Electricity & Energy

1. Alliant Energy Kids Fun and Games

 2. Circuit World

3. Energy!

4. Energy Edit

5. Popular Mechanics 4 Kids-Electricity

6. Static Electricity

7. Switched on Kids- Electricity 

8.  The Science Behind Magnets - ScienceBuddiesTV

9. Watt's That?
Electricity quiz show game

10. What is Static Electricity

Health and Food Pyramid Activities

Food Pyramid Blast Off GameUSDA educational food pyramid game

Food Pyramid Game
California Dairy Council interactive game

Being Healthy Student Flyer - Google Template


What is a Fable?

Geography/ History

1.  Adventure Island

2.  America's National Parks -Video

3.  Calling all Turkeys! - Google Doc Tempate

4.  Continent Game

5.  Geography Glossary - Enchanted Learning

6.  Learn About Maps

7.  Map the 7 Continents

8.  Memorial Day Video

9. Miss Myers Class National Park Presentation   Online Presentation
10.  National Parks A to Z

11.  Road Map Activity

12.  The First Thanksgiving

13. USA Geography – Sheppard Software

14. World Population Statistics


Habitats, Ecosystems & Animals

Biome Poster - Google Docs Template

Biomes of the World

Biomes of the World Video

Build a Biome

Animal Planet Biomes

A Touch of Class - Animal Classification Game

Ecology Games

Ecosystem Neighborhoods 3rd Grade Biome Project

Mr. Nussbaum- Bioms

National Geographic Animals


Language Arts 

Capital Letters Quiz 

Fables and Fairy Tales from Around the World

Miss Maggie - Language Art Games

Parts of a Story- Grade 3

Sheppard Software Language Arts Games

Zara's Capital Letter Games

Learning Styles

Find Your Strengths!  Assessment Quiz

Learning Style Quiz

Nine Types of Intelligence

Multiple Intelligences

Life Cycles

Bill Nye The Science Guy - Life Cycles

Life Cycles -Make Me Genius Video

Life Cycles

Foss Life Cycle Game



Maine Brochure

Maine's Economy

Maine Fast Facts

Maine History Time Line

Maine S.O.S Kids Page

Maine Symbols Map - Google Drawings Template



Things To Do- Maine Famous People


Fraction Games

Second Grade Google Colors Graph


Encylopdia Brown

Mystery Edi


Rainforest Annotate Picture

Enchanted Learning Rainforests

Rainforest Quiz
Enchanted Learning rainforest quiz


1. Bill Nye The Science Guy Simple Machines

2. Brooks Snow in the Bucket Spreadsheet

3. Four Layers of the Earth Video

4. Layers of the Earth - Ducksters

6. Living and Nonliving Things Video

6. Simple Machine Game - Chicago Museum of Science and Technology

7. Six Simple Machines

8.  Structure of the Earth Edit

9. The Three Types of Rocks

5th Grade Links

American Revolution 

American Revolutionary War- Liberty Kids Episode 1 - Boston Tea Party

Classroom Teacher Links

Hurricane Katrina Web Quest from

US Government 

Ben's Guide to the US Government

Kids in the House - US Government for Kids

Presidents of the US

Human Body Systems

I've Lost All My Organs!
Interactive Body System Game

Your Body's Systems
Fact Monster- Systems of the Human Body

    Kids Videos

           The Circulatory System

           The Digestive System

           The Muscular System

           The Nervous System

           The Respiratory System

            The Skeletal System

Technology Lessons

3-D Printer Printer Prosthetic Hand

3-D Printers Adults React

Fifth Grade Technology Test

Internet Infrastructure

What is a Biography?

🇱🇷U.S. States and Regions 

1. Enchanted States

2. Regions of the United States

3. Regions of the United States Video

4. Regions of the United States Worksheet

5. Selectable US Map for State Regions


7. The US 50

8. Plymouth Plantation- You are the Historian

9. U.S. States and Capitals Quiz

10. U.S. State Games

Student Templates

1. Bibliography Lesson

2. Brooks Digital Citizenship Skits

3. Common Symbols - Google Template

4. Cut, Copy, Edit, Paste, & Undo

5, Ecosystem Edit

6. Hickory, Dickory, Dock Google Docs Template

7. Human Body WebQuest

8. Holiday Trivia

9.  LaBelle Digital Citizenship Skits

10. Leap Year Edit

11 Persuasive Pumpkin

12. Persuasive Turkey

13.  Pietri 2017 Digital Citizenship Skits

14. Search CVZ

15. Search Engine Search

16.  Technology Skills

15. Technology Terms Search

17. Thanksgiving

18. Veterans' Day Edit

Web Searching

Web Searching Video

Google Web Searching Lesson 

Searching Tools

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Kids Click

Maine: An Encyclopedia

Maine History Online Seach

Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

MARVEL Library Search

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Using Search Engines

Evaluating Web Sites: CAPOW!

Internet 101: Search Engines

Ruff Ruffman How Search Engines Work

Web Crawlers - How Does a Search Engine Work?


BCS 5th Grade Math Portaportal


Morning Sentinel

National Geographic Kids

Time for Kids

The Sun News

Sites for Everyone

All About Money
Recommended by Kyle in Chula Vista, California

BBC Dance Mat Typing

Ben's Government Page

Book Pop Interactive Stories

Census for Kids

Convert Photos into Cartoons

Convert Roman Numerals

Create an Avatar of Yourself 


Five Parts of a Story Rap!

Harcourt- The Learning Site!
Educational games for all subject areas

How Do Computers Work: Sci Show Kids

KidsKnowIt Network


Professor Garfield KB Kids By Grade Level

Puzzle Maker

Quick Certificate Maker
Make custom certificates

R.I.F. Reading Planet

Phet Interactive Science Simulations

Spelling City

Storyline Online

The First Thanksgiving

Touch Typing

Typing Club

Typing Web

USA For Kids

Wacky Web Tales

Word By



Antarctica - Journey to the Frozen Continent
ThinkQuest virtual field trip

Eiffel Tower

National Geographic Kids

TFK Countries

Time For Kids Around The World
Faraway Places at your Fingertips


Educational Games

A+ Plus Math

Christmas Snow Line Game

Counting Change

Counting Money

Elementary Computer Activities

Everyday Math Games

Free Rice!
Vocabulary Skill Building Game

F.B.I. Interactive Games

Fishy Game


Game Goo


Learning Planet Math

Lemonade Stand

Math Cats

Math Magician

Math Mystery

Mayan Math

Multiplication Madness!


Pix Roundup

Quiz Hub

Tackle Football Math


Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety 

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