Oceanside West

Finals Schedule:
Thursday, June 6th:  Blue Exams 1 and 3
Friday, June 7th:       Blue 2
Monday, June 10th:  White Exams 1 and 3
Tuesday, June 11:     White Exams 2 and 4
Wednesday, June 12th:  Make- Up Exams
Welcome to Team Awesome.

Use use this page for locating class assignments and announcements.

An ongoing assignment throughout the year will be reading from a novel of your choice. The assignment is to read a minimum of 20 pages a night, 4 nights a week.  This is a graded assignment.

A Teacher's Letter is a letter from you to me about the novel you are currently reading for SSR.  In this letter, you are to write your thoughts on the book and/or use the Teacher's Letter Opener Handout I gave in class.  This letter is never to be a summary of the book you are reading.
You may compare this book to another you have read, compare the authors, writing, characters to other characters or to an event in your life.
Directions for this letter will vary from time to time.  Each letter should be one page in length, size 12-14 font, single spacing, and underline the book title followed by the author's name. If you choose to quote a passage from the book, place quotation marks around the passage and put the page number in parenthesis.   For each assignment, please look on Infinite Campus under Teacher's Letter for the due date given. The directions will be there for each assignment.


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