Flipped Classroom



Summed up in graphics:


Here's a good youtube video that shows a more in depth explanation from Penn State University.

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Approaches to Flipping:

Starting Small:
  1. Take one lesson that is "lacking" in some way
  2. Provide some content for the students to do at home. (Audio, video, interactive website, etc).
  3. To take home and measure understanding:
    • Give students a prompt, 
    • literacy strategy
    • notes
    • other activity
    • Or a check in form
  4. When student return to class, use the time for:
    •  small group work
    • higher order thinking
    • debate
    • 1:1 assistance
    • extension activities
    • checking for misconceptions
    • lab work

The Unit Approach:

    1. Create or assemble a series of videos, audio or interactive websites
    2. Provide a website or class page for students to access thes
    3. To take home and measure understanding:
    4. Give students:
      •  a prompt, 
      • literacy strategy
        • notes
          • other activity
        • When student return to class, use the time for: 
            • small group work 
            • higher order thinking
          • debate
          • 1:1 assistance
          • extension activities
          • checking for misconceptions
          • lab work
      The "Whole Hog" approach

      A fully available online multimedia course that allows students to proceed at their own pace.

      Click here for a great short reading written by Joe Hirsch on how to plan your flipped learning from Edutopia

       Tools for Flipping: 

       Find content online  Creating your own content
      Youtube for education  http://www.youtube.com/education

       Making Videos:

      On your computer:
      • Quicktime Player (records your computer screen)
      • Online Whiteboards
      • iMovie
      • Photobooth
      • Recorded PowerPoint or Keynote
      • SMART board Recording capability
      iPad Apps (Free)
      • Explain Everything (Record a whiteboard on your iPad)
      • Doceri (same)
      • Notability
      Khan Academy

       Making Audio:

      On your computer:
      • Garageband
      • Quicktime Player
      • Garageband
      Next Vista for Learning

      Making iBooks and eBooks

      On some computers
      • iBooks Author (allows mutlimedia and interactives)

      Personalized Learning for elementary Math and Reading tied to Common Core. Sumdog Elementary Math
      Teacher Tube
      Educational Teacher based alternative to Youtube

      School Tube
      Much like Teachertube.

      Think "Pinterest" for learning.  Try searching "Common Core"

      Ibooks and Ebooks and Textbooks oh My!

      CK12.org (Mix your own textbook free)

      Look for the iBooks app on the iPad or the Mac Air
      Ebooks available from Google, libraries, databases

      Online experiences/Games/Lessons/Units and manipulatives:

      National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (Math)

      National Geographic Education- Social Studies

      Illuminations (Math)-

      ArtsEdge: The Kennedy Center for the Arts

      Science NetLinks

      EconEdLink-  Economics and Personal Finance Education

      Smithsonian's History Explorer 

      EDSITEment (Humanities- World Language, ELA, Social Studies, Art)

      ReadWriteThink- ELA


      Where can I put this stuff I collect or make?

      Smaller Solution (just getting started)

      Youtube, Teachertube or School tube
      Learnist.com (lets you collect MANY types of files--video, audio, webpages, google maps and MANY more).
      Blendspace.com  Great site for collecting things from the internet in one place.
      Educanon.com  A great place to get started to collect, post and monitor video progress of students.  

      Larger Solution

      iTunes U (make it on a newer Mac, viewable on an iPad)-  Here's a course I made on how to make one. Click here.
      iBooks Author
      Google Drive (Google Site like this one or even a Google Doc).
      Weebly.com (create a website)

      Tools for interaction and engagement

              Padlet.com-  Online collaborative sticky note/bulletin board.  Add links and pictures.

              Trello.com-  Great for group work and collaboration

              Voicethread.com-  Great way to teach, share student work, reflect, present.  So many uses.

              Socrative.com Student response system (make quizzes, surveys, etc).

              www.gosoapbox.com- A FANTASTIC Student response system, lets you create quizzes, surveys, polls, students can ask and vote on questions and indicate if they "Get it"

                Google Forms.


      More resources on Flipping
       Bernice McCarthy’s 4MAT Cycle of Instruction via Jackie Gerstien's Ph. D page below

      Also check out her presentation here

      http://www.knewton.com/flipped-classroom/  Great stats on the impact of Flipped classroom.

      Struggling with the MOTIVATION/Homework question?

      Try these suggestions from Kathleen Cushman Author of "The Motivation Equation:  Designing Lessons That Set Kids' Minds on Fire"