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2019 Sponsors:

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EdCamp Western Maine is based around a simple idea.  Let teachers come together and talk and share.  The benefits that come from these events often go beyond the day itself.  Relationships, lesson ideas, book recommendations, technology resources, you name it.

Since the idea of EdCamps are simple, the needs are simple as well.  We have a venue, we have volunteers to organize the event and work the day of the event and teachers pay nothing to attend.

We Need The Basics
  • Coffee & Breakfast We expect many educators to travel a long way to get here.  Coffee, tea, pastries, fruit, water, would all help.
  • Supplies Markers, folders, bags, pens, name tags  The basics of any event organizing
  • Prizes  Most EdCamps give modest prizes like mugs, t-shirts, software trials, but anything you think educators can use would work

All sponsors will receive

Public gratitude
  • on our website, 
  • on social media
  • at our event
Distribution of your materials   Attendees will be given flyers, stickers, pens, pencils, or other promotional items you'd be willing to share with us.

A letter and receipt stating your level of financial or in-kind contribution for tax purposes.

Become a sponsor. Or, if you have questions about sponsorship, contact us by email here.

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