EdCampWestern Maine (EdcampWME) is back again this year. 

If you need CHILDCARE, please email us before Jan 26th at edcampwme@gmail.com to reserve a spot.

 Join us at Mt. Blue Learning Campus in Farmington ME on Saturday, Feb 3th, 2018!

Welcome to the homepage of EdCampWME

An EdCamp is a FREE UN-conference.  
What's an UN-conference? 
  • A professional development opportunity organized by educators
  • Driven by the interests of participants
  • Can have discussions, demonstrations, etc.
  • Uses a flexible schedule for meeting the needs of participants
  • Participants "vote with their feet" if they wish to change sessions
  • Can cover any topic in education that the participants choose

What is an Edcamp?

Where:  Mt. Blue Campus (Mt. Blue High School)
               Farmington, ME