BMS Kennebec House

Dear New Kennebec House Members and Family,

Welcome to the next generation of Kennebec House!  Kennebec teachers pride themselves in building a community of learning and respect.  Over the next two years you will have the opportunity to grow through challenging yourself academically, physically and socially. The teachers of Kennebec, as well as all of the 7th grade staff, are here to support you in different ways.

This year we welcome a new teacher to our team who will teach our ELA (English Language Arts) class.  Here is a note she wanted me to pass on.

Welcome 7th graders!  My name is Mrs. Abbatemarco...don’t worry you can call me Mrs. A.  I have taught in Chicago, Brooklyn, NY and most recently in Harpswell but I know that my finest students will be the 7th graders at Bath Middle School!  I enjoy cooking, hiking, and spending time outdoors. I live in Durham with my husband, two children and one huge cat named Mr.T. See you in August!”

Richard McGuire will continue teaching math, Leah Heyman will stay on in her role as science teacher and Missy Crews as our house educational support staff. We are excited to have Maria Newcomb (Health) and Vince Shatto (Social Studies) as our other two Crew leaders. You will have each of them for half a year of class.

We have found that the transition from 6th grade to 7th grade can be a challenge for folks. We will expect students to meet education standards and exhibit high quality Habits of Work. We do a lot of practicing of these skills but it takes the effort of all parties to make for a successful school year:  school, home and student. Some ways to keep yourself sharp for next year is to make sure to read at least one book of your choice this summer, spending time outside, finding what you love about Maine and learning one random fact or quote to share with Mr. McGuire.

If you have any questions before the first day of school Leah Heyman will do her best to return them in a timely manner. You can reach her at We hope you have a lovely summer and look forward to starting out “Kennebec Strong” next month!

Our House Wide Learning Targets:

A Clear & Effective Communicator:

  • I can communicate with my teacher about my progress and asks for support.

  • I can communicate with my parents about my progress and explain a plan of action for improvement or enrichment.

  • I can ask for help when needed.

A Self-Directed & Life-Long Learner:

  • I can show my responsibility for learning by asking my teachers about any missing work.

  • I can show my responsibility for learning by checking weekly my grades in each class and to see if I have any missing work.

  • I can show my responsibility for learning by attending Period 9 for missing work, to get extra support, or for exceeds opportunities.

A Creative & Practical Problem Solver:

  • I am willing to try new things.

  • I can establish goals and works toward them.

  • I can use multiple resources to solve problems.

A Responsible & Involved Citizen:

  • I can interact respectfully with others.

  • I can find ways to help others.

A Collaborative & Quality Worker:

  • I can be an active group participant.

  • I can consider others’ ideas.

  • I can produce products of high quality.

  • I can assess and revise my own work.

An Integrative & Informed Thinker:

  • I can accept and act on constructive criticism.

  • I can engage in self-evaluation.

Cell Phones, iPods, and Listening Devices

As a reminder, student cell phones, iPods, and listening devices are to be turned off and out of sight during the school day.  If you need to contact your child please do so through the office.

Student Planners

Once again, students will receive planners.  The planners will be used for students to record homework, plan for long-term projects, and as a vehicle for school-home communication.  

Code of Conduct

We would like to remind you of the general behavior expectations from the Bath Middle School Student Code of Conduct.

  • Be courteous to fellow students, staff, and visitors.

  • Respect the rights and privileges of other students and school staff.

  • Obey all school rules.

  • Follow directions from school staff.

  • Cooperate with staff in maintaining school safety, order and discipline.

  • Attend school regularly.

  • Meet school standards for grooming and dress.

  • Respect the property of others, including school property and facilities.

  • Refrain from cheating or plagiarizing the work of others.

  • Refrain from vulgarity, profanity, obscenity, lewdness and indecency.

Parent-Teacher Communication

Parent, teacher, and student communication is essential for a student’s success in school.  To ensure that our communication is timely, we encourage you to communicate via email.  Please make sure that your email address is updated on Infinite Campus.  If you are unsure if we have your most recent contact please check with Mrs. McPhee in the office.