Cool Sites

Wordle  - Make word "clouds" of your text.

Tagxedo - create word clouds in different shapes.

Spell with Flickr  - uses photos of letters to create a word as art.

Tween Tribune  - Online news site for tweens where students can post comments

Big Hugh Lab  - Lots of cool stuff to do with your photos

Fluxtime Animation
- create an animation in a few easy steps

ABCYa Animation  - advanced animation, draw your own images 

Makebeliefscomix  - create your own comic strips

Toondoo  - create your own cartoons (need to register with email address)

Strange Facts  - interesting but useless facts and trivia

Zimmer Twins - create a movie using preset characters and actions

Kaleidoscope Maker - create your own dazzling kaleidoscope

draw a stickman  - draw a stickman and follow his adventures as he comes to life.

Blabberize - make a talking picture.  Requires a microphone.