Jeopardy Labs

Jeopardy Labs allows you to quickly and easily create authentic-looking Jeopardy style games online.  Enter your categories, questions and answers, then click on on the play link.  Choose your number of teams and get playing.

When you are ready to create a Jeopardy game, use the Quick Build option on the left hand side of the home page to create, save and play for free.  Save the password you use when you create the game, plus the edit and play links that are returned after your first save.  If you lose those links, there's no way to get back into your game to play or edit.  I often advise people to copy and paste the links, add the password, and email them to themselves with the name of the game as the subject.  That way, you can always find them again.  Because you don't have an account with Jeopardy Labs, there is no way to recover your game information if you lose it - so don't lose it!  Click on one of the images below to try out a game from Literacy Lab or the Library.