Teacher-Tested Tech

Looking for new technology to try out in your classroom, but not sure where to start?  Check here for some great tools and tricks already used by teachers at MRU.  See samples of student work, learn what went well (and what didn't!) and hook up with another teacher as tech-buddies!


Create amazing movies with just a few clicks.  Start with your still pictures or video, choose a theme and some music, and Animoto does the rest.  See some student work and learn more here.

Choose characters and a background, type in your script, add movements and adjust camera angles (if you want to get all technical) and you'll have a nifty animated movie in no time at all.  See student work and tips here.

We Video: Collaborative Video editing, storyboarding, comic maker and more.  Single-sign on with Google.  See more about this tool and student work samples here.

Create presentations that are non-linear, that emphasize big picture - little picture relationships or let people find their own path through your information.  Prezi is an easy and nice looking alternative to another boring powerpoint.

Make a very authentic looking Jeopardy game quickly and easily, with no fussy PowerPoint templates to fool around with.  Play some sample games here.  A student produced game about Vermont is here and another one here.

Make a website in 30 minutes or less.  Weebly is all drag and drop and the products look like they took a lot longer.  Use that extra time to make sure all your source citations for your paper are on-point.  See some samples and get tips here.



Use Google Docs to collaborate with other people in RSSU on shared documents, spreadsheets and surveys. 


Use Wordle to transform text into artful word pictures.  The frequency of words determines the size of the font in the finished piece.  This can be a really interesting way to look at student writing or historical text.  Plus it's easy and fast.

Have vocabulary to memorize?  Quizlet can help.  Generate a stack of digital flash cards, then flip through them, have the words read aloud to you, even play games based on your words.  Makes learning vocab easy and fun!  See a sample card set and learn more here.




Looking for nifty new activities, graphics and manipulatives for your SmartBoard?  You'll find tons of things here, along with ready made lessons and much more.  You can even find lessons sorted into RIT score ranges to use with Math and English classes.  An amazing resource suggested and tested by Richard Barker.

Looking to make mindmaps, organizational diagrams, food webs and the like?  Look no further than bubbl.us!  Getting an account is easy and free.  You can even share diagrams with other bubbl.us users for viewing, or collaborate to create shared diagrams.  This great resource was shared and recommended by Carol Geery.


Symbaloo allows you to organize and share your bookmarks on any computer.  Your saved bookmarks are organized into a grid.  Move sites around, create categories and groups, share with other users and more.  If you have a list of site you want kids to be accessing, Symbaloo is a great way to share those links simply and easily.  This great site was suggested by Peggy Angstadt.

Recently, JoJo Valente assigned her 7th and 8th grade PE students video presentations as part of their mid-term exam score.  See some of the nifty stuff they made here.  Contact JoJo to learn more about the process she used and for her evaluation rubrics.