Magazines, Newspapers & E-Books

 Full text magazine and newspaper articles on every subject imaginable.  All articles are automatically cited for you - simply copy and paste the citation to your works cited page.

 Need information about a specific person - when they were born, what they did or when they died?  This is the place to go!

 Concise, reliable, and up-to-date country, state and Canadian province reports delivering the world to you.  Includes searchable, printable maps, videos, slideshows, a worldwide photo gallery, interviews with adults and children, and a unique recipe collection with five local recipes for each country. Plus, create-your-own data tables and charts help put dozens of facts into comparative perspective.


 The place to go for e-books on every topic.  Every article, just as it appeared in the print edition, but digitized just for you.  Includes all original images, maps and charts.  

 Writing a paper on a "controversial" topic, like the war in Iraq, animal experimentation, abortion or drug legalization?  Opposing Viewpoints has the best information around on all these topics and hundreds more - with viewpoint articles, magazine and newspaper excerpts and e-books, all organized topically to save you time.


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