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Landgrove resident Kimberly Eckhardt is interviewing families in Clarendon, Shrewsbury and Wallingford interested in participating in a cultural exchange experience by hosting an international high school student during the coming academic year. 

Kimberly has recently been named Community Coordinator for PAX, the Program of Academic Exchange.  PAX is a non-profit foundation that provides a U.S. high school and homestay program for students from over 70 different countries in Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. PAX students are between the ages of 15 and 18, speak English, have full insurance coverage and their own spending money.

Students from different countries look forward to living like American teens for a school year-- joining sports teams, experiencing high school, and participating fully in family life. PAX families are asked to provide students with meals, a place to sleep and study, and a warm, supportive environment. Private rooms are not required, and single parents, young couples and retirees are welcome to apply.


For information call Kimberly Eckhardt at 824-3792 or email, or visit