Welcome to College Football Madness 2022

Ticket Purchasers:

A Football Madness ticket provides 13 weeks of College raffle fun. The cost is $20.00 per ticket, which is less than $1.20 per week for the entire regular college season. A total of $1,300.00 in cash prizes are awarded each week. Your ticket is a record of the teams you are assigned for each of the 13 weeks of the season. 

Game rules are printed on each ticket

Football Madness winners will be posted below weekly once the regular season play begins. (If your team does not play that week, the previous week's score is used.) Don’t worry if you misplace or don’t follow your ticket, as a check will automatically be sent to you if you win.

Football Madness raffle is licensed and approved by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals. 

Ticket Sellers:

Prizes for the person who sells the most tickets include:

    o 1st Place - $125

    o 2nd Place - $75

    o 3rd Place - $50 

All St. Mary’s parents with children in the Preschool through grade 12 system receive tickets to sell. Thanks to all parents and friends who sell and purchase Football Madness tickets!! More tickets are available at the business office. Ticket stubs and cash may be returned to the school offices, the business office, or mailed to Business Office, Box 509, Remsen, IA 51050. 

Thank you for supporting another year of Football Madness - may the best teams win!! 



2022 Football Madness Winners