Welcome to Archery!

We focus on form and safety, giving basic instruction that will get students safely shooting and a general feel for archery.  We go over range rules and safety gear (finger tabs, arm guards, sling, etc.).  Students will have the opportunity to shoot the Genesis compound bows all under the supervision of Barbara Erlei.

Here are some links to the World Cup Indoor Archery Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada.

https://youtu.be/FIyZQuMeDOg    This is a video of my husband and other pro archers.  They have to shoot 3 arrows in 2 min.

 This is a video of pro archer, Matt Stutzman, and it shows that ANYONE can enjoy archery!

Here's the World Archery site where The Vegas Shoot is featured along with the top shooters for the weekend and for The World Cup!   https://worldarchery.org/news/147494/numbers-vegas-shoot-2017
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