What is Forensics?

Though it may sound like something that happens on CSI, at RAHS Forensics is actually the art of public speaking and presentation.  It comes in many forms, and can be a way to master your skills in the speaking in front of people, acting, or simply performing under the eye of a judge.  Though you indirectly compete with other members of Forensics teams, your foremost opponent is yourself.  Through Forensics, you will select a piece to perform, rehearse, and eventually present it before a judge.  

Who:  Anyone interested in developing your abilities in public speaking and/or acting, and who likes to meet new people and have fun!

When:  Forensics is an extracurricular activity that can work around your schedule! You are usually able to practice on days that work for you after school.  Coaches like to see you at least once a week, and you can practice on your own as much as you want.  

2017 Competition Schedule

Monday, February 27-Sub-District meet @River Valley

Saturday, March 11-Badger Conference Meet @Sauk Prairie

Saturday, March 25 or Wednesday, March 22-District Meet @ UW-Platteville 

Saturday, April 22-State @ UW-Madison

Why:  To meet new people!  Get to know classmates better!  See awesome performances!  Improve your own speaking and performing abilities.