Shrubs and Trees of Utah

Jones began work on a “shrub pamphlet” in 1899, which he completed the following year and submitted to the Agricultural Experiment Station at Utah Agricultural College. It was not published initially due to a lack of funding; then-director John A. Widtsoe explains this to Jones in a letter, “Station funds cannot be used for publishing matter which does not appear to have a direct value in agriculture,” though he goes on to say, “I think it will be of great value to citizens of Utah and to students of western botany".

RSABG currently holds two versions of Jones’ “Shrubs and Trees of Utah” manuscript—one original (174 pages) and one carbon copy with additions (236 pages), both in good condition considering their age. The initial sections of the manuscript are hand-written, though the majority of the text is typed with many handwritten corrections and additions. The longer copy of the manuscript includes added notes, photographs, and illustrations, prepared and organized for the printer.

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