Flora of Flathead Lake

In July 1908, Jones went to what is now Glacier National Park, Montana, to teach botany and geology at the University of Montana’s biological station on the banks of Flathead Lake. He would return to the station over the next three summers, which allowed him to botanize the area thoroughly and provided the basis for his “Flora of Flathead Lake,” completed in May 1909. Though he submitted the manuscript for publication, it was ultimately refused publication by the University of Montana’s board of education. Jones attributes this to the influence of the Amalgamated Copper Company—against which Jones had testified as an expert witness in a smelter smoke case—as the underlying reason for the school board’s decision to reject the manuscript.

RSABG owns two copies of the “Flora of Flathead Lake,” which is mostly typed and in usable but fragile condition. The second, 641-page manuscript (presumably the final version) also includes charts of weather patterns in the Flathead Lake region from 1908 and a copy of his Contributions to Western Botany #14. 

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