Jones brought his bulky photography equipment with him on most expeditions in order to document the plants and landscapes he encountered as he traveled. Hundreds of his slides, accumulated over nearly fifty years of exploration, remain at RSABG and present a collection of considerable historic and artistic significance. His photographs capture the stunning landscapes of the largely undeveloped West around the turn of the 20th century. Some of his slides could help provide some geographic reference for the specific localities where he collected, while others provide an interesting historical reference for cities that have since been developed beyond recognition.

                                                                        Searchlight, Nevada, 1907
Until recently, Jones' photographic collection lay stored in dusty boxes in the Garden’s basement. With a renewed focus on the archival holdings at RSABG and the recent acquisition of digital-scanning equipment (thanks to The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation), RSABG hopes to make many of Jones’ images available digitally in order to present his photographic collection to the public.