The Marcus E. Jones Archive

In addition to his library and herbarium, Marcus Jones left behind his collection of manuscripts, articles, photographs,
correspondence, and other miscellaneous items. While some of his more personal items were discarded by his daughter Mabel after his death, the Library at RSABG houses several boxes of documents, including his unpublished manuscripts, and many more boxes of his photographic collection.

All images used on this website represent items from the Jones Archive and Herbarium at RSABG (the only exception is the color image of Rosa minutifolia), and this is the first time many of these items have been made publicly available. Our hope is to make much more of this content digitally available within the next few years.



The archival boxes include:

  1. “Flora of the Great Plateau” 1 (10 items)
  2. “Flora of the Great Plateau” 2 (8 items)
  3. Plates for Revision of North American Species of Astragalus (1 item)
  4. Paper print Photographs 1: Western States (11 items)
  5. Paper print Photographs 2: Western States (15 items)
  6. Flora Field Notes (7 items)
  7. Publications: Flora & Species Lists (11 items)
  8. Glass Plate Boxes [empty] (1 item)
  9. Glass Plates, Empty Plate Boxes, Broken Plates (15 items)
  10. Miscellaneous Items I (20 items)
  11. Publisher’s Manuscript for Marcus E. Jones by Lee W. Lenz (1 item)
  12. Diaries (7 items)
    Above a slide from Jones' collection
  13. Correspondence 1, A-Thompson (1 item, 425 folders)
  14. Correspondence 2, Train-Z (2 items, 66 folders, bound plant list)
  15. Manuscript: “Shrubs and Trees of Utah” (4 items)
  16. Manuscript, Notes: “Flathead Lake, MT” (7 items)
  17. Mexican Materials (15 items)
  18. Newspaper Clippings (5 items)
  19. Illustrations for Flora of the Great Plateau
  20. Photographs - Utah (prints and negatives)

There are several additional boxes dedicated to his photographic slides and glass negatives.