Marcus E. Jones at RSABG

“Maybe the world does not care for us individually, but it does care for us as spokes in the wheels of progress.” 
- Marcus E. Jones

    In 1923, Pomona College purchased the extensive herbarium of the distinguished botanist Marcus E. Jones, which included an estimated 100,000 botanical specimens from the western United States and Baja California. This collection was later relocated to the herbarium at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont, CA, along with Jones’ personal records, diaries, field notes, three unpublished manuscripts, and hundreds of photographic slides from his numerous botanizing expeditions. Our intent is to make a variety of this information digitally available in order to present the fascinating biography and  scientific contributions of this pioneer botanist to the greater public.

Marcus E. Jones in his standard 3-piece suit,
which he was known to wear on most expeditions.