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Presentation NameDescriptionURL to resources
Presentation NameDescriptionURL to resources
Gamify with Kahoot! Use Kahoot to create gamified online assessment 
Google Learning Stations Use Voice, Slides, Draw,and Forms to create learning stations 
RRVEC+ - Virtual Learning Communities Use Google+ to create an online learning community 
I love QR Codes Presentation on why and how to use QR codes in your school and classroom. Lots of Resources! 
Tools to Flip your Classroom Resources and Tools for teacher created or ready-made flipped resources 
Twitter For Educators How to setup an account and use twitter for educational purposes 
Social Media in Schools An overview of social media our students are using,and why it's important to keep up to date! 
Lead with Technology Fall 2014 at NDCEL 
Don't Flip Out Fall NDCEL 2014 
New Teacher Workshop Fall 2014 
Google Classroom Fall 2014 
Apps & Extensions Fall 2014 
Google Forms (Getting Started) Fall 2014 
Google Draw Fall 2014 (I love Google Drawings) 
Glass in Class Spring/Summer 2014 
Plickers (Student Response System that is Simplified) Fall 2014 
Learning is Social Fall 2014 at MDEC Conference 
Free Tech Tools For Formative Assessment Fall 2014 at MDEC Conference 
Google Goodness Fall 2014 at MDEC Conference 
Check for Understanding Using Google Forms and ThingLink for Formative Assessment 
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