Medication Admin Form

***These forms will be sent home in the packet at the end of September.  Please contact me if you need another copy after that time.

Camp Fitch Medication Administration Form

                                        One of these forms must be completed for each medication being taken to camp.  Therefore, it may be necessary to make copies of this form, or print extras from the website if more than one medication is needed.


·         Medication must be in its original container(s).

·         Students may not carry their medication(s).  Inhalers, EpiPens, and other related devices will be maintained by the student's chaperone.

·         All medications must be delivered to the main office prior to departure.  Medications can be dropped off with the nurse as late as 8:45 A.M. the day of departure.

·         Unused medication will be discarded 10 days after the trip if it is not claimed by a parent.  Medication will not be sent home with students.

**Non-prescription medications only require a parent signature.  Prescription medications require both parent and physician signatures.