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Credentialing FAQ

For ANY credentialing, a student may fill out a Credentialing Documentation Form which is found on the Advisory webpage:

Be sure they fill out the form completely and thoughtfully.


1. Does babysitting count as community service (H3)? 

    - If it is done as an unpaid service to a non-profit organization or church.  If you are paid or if it is just part of being a family member, then no.  It has to be above and beyond.


2. Can we use last year's work with a signature?

    - Yes.  Provided that teacher will sign-off on it.


3. How many credentials do you need to graduate with honors?

    - There is no credential requirement in order to graduate with honors.


4. Do the evidences of credentials restart every year?

    - No. You carry them over from year to year.  The ultimate goal is to complete all eight areas in order to be recognized as a Graduate of Promise.


5. Do church groups count as community group members (H2)?

    - Yes.


6.  How do you get a beauty (G1 – G3) or art credit if not in art?

- Visit a museum, go to a play, go to a concert, etc.  Then fill out the Credentialing Documentation Form (above).  See p. 7 in Student Folder for more.


7. Can you be credentialed for being an organ donor?

    - Yes. But it is not required. See p. 8 in Student Folder (H4).


8. Can you be credentialed for being a leader on a sports team?

    - Yes. That would be an example of team leadership (D1).  See p. 4 in Student Folder.


9. Can you be credentialed for having a 4.0 or above GPA?

    - No, but did you score well on the ACT Aspire exam or a 19+ on the ACT?  If so, see p. 2 of Student Folder (B1 – B4).


10. To sign the top part of the credential page, do all blanks in the spaces below have to be filled?  For example: Aesthetic literacy beauty: above one blank; below 3 blanks.  Do all blanks below need to be filled to complete the top blank?

   - This is in reference to the student folder.  The main concern for the teacher is the Teacher Master that you got at the beginning of the year.  That form has space for the teacher to initial one of four spaces for Aesthetic Literacy (G1, G2, G3, G_).  Just initial whichever the documentation best fits.  The G_ can be any of the other three.  


11. Can a student get credentialed for being a T.A. at RHS?

    - Yes but it is limited.  Because T.A.’s do not receive credit for their work, they can count it as community service.  It should only count as one Community Involvement Credential (H3).


12. Does attending the Dodgeball game count as an evidence of credentialing. 

    - No.  Simply attending does not stand up as an evidence.  If a student were to organize a fundraiser for a charity, that would count.


13. Would donating a large amount of clothing to the Stock the Closet charity here at RHS count?

    - Yes, since it involves the student collecting, cleaning and bringing clothes to be donated.  This could go under community involvement, perhaps in place of blood/tissue donor if the student prefers not to do that.


14. Can a student “double (or triple) dip” evidences of credentialing?  For example, if a student does a PowerPoint to enhance an expository speech or paper, could he get a credential in both Technology and First Language Speaking Skills?

    - No. It would be most beneficial to a student to choose one area that he feels this activity BEST represents and then use the next, similar activity to document the other area.


15. Do individual evidences of credentialing roll over at semester?  For example, what if a student has eight this semester?  Do they have to do four more next semester?  What if an aggressive student completes all credential areas before their final semester?

    - Yes, they may rollover during the academic school year.  However they may not rollover to a new year.  The idea is that students are continually trying to do these activities and stretch themselves in areas inside and outside of the typical school day.  That being said, as they are trying to build a portfolio, if a student improves on a credential item, she could add it to her portfolio and it would count as a new credential.  For example, if she gets a new ACT score and it is better than her previous, she can replace her previous score and it would count as an evidence of credentialing.  The reason for this is because it shows that the student is trying to improve and grow.  Similarly, a more substantive community service activity could be added, even if the student has one.  Or an improved Technology-related project could be added. Etc…


16. How would a student show evidence of a job interview or college interview?

    - They should fill out the Credentialing Documentation Form.  As evidence they may submit a letter from a university or a pay stub from an employer.  Anything that convinces you that he or she has been through the process. (E2)


17. Can you get a credential for just being on a sports team?

    - Yes.  Team Skills (C1)

Example of the Credentialing Form



Lisa Cassidy,
Aug 24, 2017, 6:14 AM
Lisa Cassidy,
Aug 24, 2017, 6:14 AM