Weekly Agenda


No Advisory--see the ACT Pre-Registration Plan


The Weeks Ahead in Advisory/Activity…

1/11        Club Day I

1/18        Make a Wish Faculty/Student Basketball Game

1/25        Club Day II

2/1          Advisory

2/4          PT Conferences (in classrooms)

2/6          PT Conferences (in commons)

2/8          Color Day    

               Color Day Assembly

               Club Day I

2/15        Advisory

Advisory Team Contacts

Jeff Hagers                jeff.hagers@rpsar.net

Tom Woodruff          tom.woodruff@rpsar.net

Tony Roller               tony.roller@rpsar.net

Lisa Cassidy             lisa.cassidy@rpsar.net

Jeff Ayers                 jeff.ayers@rpsar.net

Lisa Lames              lisa-marie.lames@rpsar.net