Weekly Agenda


Sophomore & Seniors
Take APNA Survey.  Survey and directions are in teacher boxes.

Freshmen & Juniors
Use this T/F quiz to start a conversation with your students about the topics in the quiz.

Previous years' APNA Survey Results

True or False


1.      85% of the students surveyed last year responded that there were “lots of chances” at this school to get involved with clubs, sports, activities, etc.

FALSEActually it was 92%!!  RHS has dozens of clubs, sports, and other activities to be involved in. Ask your Advisory Teacher for a list of clubs and when they meet.


2.      86% of responding students that they feel safe at Rogers High School.

TRUEWe make every effort to keep this campus safe and orderly.  If you ever feel

unsafe at RHS or if you feel there is something that needs security attention, please tell a teacher or principal immediately.  


3.      82% of responding students feel they would be seen as “cool” if they defended someone who was being bullied at school.

TRUELook into an organization called, Rachel’s Challenge.  We are also adding a program called, “Come Sit With Me.”  Ask your advisory teacher about


4.       60% of students felt that they had “lots of chances” to help decide on activities or rules in their classroom.

FALSE It was up to 65% but that number needs to continue to rise. Don’t be afraid to suggest different activities or rules that might help the teacher keep you interested.


5.       More than 80% of students stated that there are lots of chances to speak to a teacher one-on-one.

TRUE If you need to speak to an adult about anything, say something to your advisory teacher. That’s why we are here. At the very least, I can get you connected with the right person to help you.


6.      20% said that there was at least “some chance” that they would be seen as “cool” if the smoked cigarettes.

FALSE – Only 9% said that.  Smoking is the leading, preventable cause of death on the United States. Stop now before it’s too late.


7.      21% said that at least one of their friends has used e-cigarettes in the past 12 months.

TRUEE-cigarettes or “Vape Pens, etc.”are as addictive as cigarettes and may lead to further abuses of drugs.

BONUS FACT:  Vape pens and all e-cigarettes are covered by the Rogers Schools policy on use of tobacco products. Do not bring these products on campus.  


8.      90% of all people who try meth become addicted after trying it just once.

FALSEIt’s actually 98%. Meth is a highly addictive drug that is made from chemicals that you’d be afraid to get splashed on your hands.  Yet addicts ingest it.  Go to www.ioit2me.com for more details.

The Weeks Ahead in Advisory/Activity…

11/19 - 11/23    Thanksgiving Break

11/15     Senior Project Teams posted

11/26     Senior Project Training

11/27 - 11/29     Senior Project Teams on site

11/30     RTI-7 / Club Day I

12/3       Senior Project Presentations

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