Weekly Agenda


Freshman Advisory Classes: Link Crew Activity

Sophomore and Junior Advisory Classes:
        1. Have students check their grades a final time for the semester.  Have students make note of any potential errors in grades or                         attendance.
        2. Give students pointers on how to address potential errors in grades or attendance with teachers.  Explain that students should not                 interrupt instruction to ask about issues and instead suggest students catch teachers between classes.  Let students know that                         they need to have the specific names/dates of possible errors; simply saying there is a problem without any details will slow                         down the process.  Finally, remind students that being respectful rather than accusatory makes checking on grades/attendance run             much more smoothly.
        3. Share with students opportunities for community service (see below) and for Community Service Learning (link below).

*Link for the Community Service tab on the Advisory page: https://sites.google.com/a/rps30.k12.ar.us/rhs-mountie-advisory/community-service
*Link for the Community Service Learning page on the RHS website: http://rhs.rogersschools.net/academics/community_service_learning
Senior Advisory Classes: Diploma Check

The Weeks Ahead in Advisory/Activity…

12/3       Senior Project Presentations

12/7       United Way Dodgeball Tournament

12/14     RTI-7

              Club Day II

12/21     Senior Diploma Verification

              Freshmen - Link Crew

              Christmas Break!

Advisory Team Contacts

Jeff Hagers                jeff.hagers@rpsar.net

Tom Woodruff          tom.woodruff@rpsar.net

Tony Roller               tony.roller@rpsar.net

Lisa Cassidy             lisa.cassidy@rpsar.net

Jeff Ayers                 jeff.ayers@rpsar.net

Lisa Lames              lisa-marie.lames@rpsar.net