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System Testing

Trailer Mounted Weather Radar Antenna Positioner being tested

RPM is housed in 35,000 square feet of modern, secure, totally air-conditioned buildings, with several different areas available indoors for positioner testing. Smaller positioners are generally tested on appropriately sized test pads, stands or tripods, while our bigger ones are typically bolted to large steel plates fixed to the floor.

Positioners too large to test indoors can be tested outside in our 20,000 square foot rear fenced yard, on an available 8 foot square concrete and steel test pad. This location is also ideal for testing complete systems, as it provides a direct line of sight to passing aircraft, satellites and other potential objects of interest.

RPM has developed a proprietary Laser Position Accuracy Test Set (RPM Model PA 1000) for optically testing the pointing accuracy and repeatability of our positioners.  This is the most accurate way to test the position accuracy feedback of our products, and may also be purchased by our customers for maintenance purposes once a system leaves the factory.

For any complex testing, especially tests requiring velocity, acceleration, or position tracking profiles, computer simulation models are written, loaded on test computers and used to simulate targets moving per the customer's design specifications for the system. Empirical data taken during these simulations can then be analyzed using 

RPM-PSI Antenna Pedestal testing at Loop Canyon

RPM proprietary software and spreadsheets. If required, program specific test equipment, including circuit cards and simulated payloads, can be built to enable RPM test engineers to evaluate all positioner and control functions,  including simulation of customer equipment.

RPM also has a limited internal capability to perform RF and environmental testing.  For those programs that require extensive environmental testing such as EMI, random vibration, shock, acceleration, salt fog, fungus, etc., RPM has developed a network of company approved subcontractors that offer such testing capability.