Welcome to the LR Band Website!


Here at LR, band is a year-long, sequentially-structured class. In order to for us to provide the most comprehensive and positive experience, students are asked to make a full-year commitment.

We understand that sometimes practicing an instrument and attending band in addition to school work and other commitments can feel overwhelming; however, we encourage every student to stick with it and speak with a band director to express concerns as they arise. Our bottom line is this: you are an important member of this team and we want you here. Based on that, we will do everything in our power to be flexible and make participating in this program something that will work for YOU.

We understand that sometimes extenuating circumstances exist in which the best course of action is to leave class for a temporary or extended period of time. We ask that if these circumstances arise, a band teacher be consulted with thoughts and concerns prior to making any decisions about schedule changes.