Season Awards

                                         2015 - 2016 Season

      In Review   
  • Regular Season Championships at Young Lawyers, University of Utah, Notre Dame (CA), UDCA Speech Arts, UVU, Copper Classic, Golden Desert (NV)! 
  • Region XI Medals in Policy, Public Forum, and LD!
  • NSDA -  Four Academic All-Americans. Ranked in the Top 10% in the nation for NSDA member degrees!
  • National Qualifiers - Emily Gordon & Madde Barker (Policy), Will Matheson & David Bernstein (Policy), Kenzo Okazaki (LD), and Matt Orford & Jordan Abdalla (PF). Fifth straight District Sweepstakes Championship!
  • NDCA - Emily Gordon & Jaden Lessnick advanced to the final round, finish as runners-up at the championship tournament! 
  • TOC Qualifiers - Emily Gordon & Jaden Lessnick (9), Sam Lemons & Maddie Barker (1), Kenzo Okazaki (1) and Jamie Steiner & Maddie Brague (1). Emily & Jaden earn the most bids in the country and finish 5th at the TOC!

    Tournament Details
  • Young Lawyers - CHAMPIONSHIP! 1st, 2nd & 5th place Varsity Policy, 5th place Varsity LD, 3rd place Varsity PF. 1st Speaker - Jaden Lessnick.  
  • University of Utah - CHAMPIONSHIP! 1st & 5th in Varsity Policy, 3rd in Varsity PF, 3rd in Varsity LD, and 3rd in Novice Policy. 1st Speaker - Emily Gordon.
  • St. Mark's Invitational - TOC Bid!
  • Hunter Haunting - CHAMPIONSHIP! 1st in Varsity Policy. 2nd in Varsity PF. 1st Speaker - Claire Wang.
  • Meadows - CHAMPIONSHIP! Two TOC bids! 1st, 2nd, and 9th in Varsity Policy. 2nd Speaker - Caitlin Walrath.
  • Notre Dame - TOC bid! 5th place Varsity Policy, 5th place Novice Policy. 
  • UDCA Speech Arts - CHAMPIONSHIP! 1st place in Varsity Policy, 1st in JV PF. 
  • Stallion Stampede - CHAMPIONSHIP! 1st place Policy, 2nd place Novice Policy. 
  • Silver & Black - CHAMPIONSHIP! Three TOC bids! 3 Policy teams in the semi-finals. 2nd Speaker - Elliot Kovnick.
  • Woods Cross - 2nd Place in PF, 3rd Place in Policy, 3rd Place LD. Last place in Ugly Holiday Sweater.
  • Blake - TOC Bid! Octofinalist in Varsity Policy. 4th Speaker - Camila Reed-Guevara
  • Copper Classic, Bingham - CHAMPIONSHIP! Two TOC bids! 5 Policy teams cleared including the 1st and 2nd place team. 1st Speaker - Emily Gordon.
  • Golden Desert Las Vegas - TOC bid! 2nd Place Varsity Policy. Double-octofinalists in Varsity PF.
  • Berkeley - TOC BID! 3 policy teams in the Doubles. 
  • 3A State -

Individual Medalists: 1st Place - Camila Reed-Guevara & Caitlin Walrath. 5th Place - Kenzo Okazaki.