The ‘community-website’ offers all the functions to create, publish and share Rich Digital Routes. Over the past 12 months (oct 2012) more than 4.000.000 unique visitors brought over 8.000.000 visits to the website. During 2011 that was on average between 15.000 and 20.000 visits per day
During summer of 2012, the average visits per day was >30.000 (>1.000.000 per month)
More than 50% of the visitors is located in the BENELUX region and is looking for leisure routes. 

Dedicated promotion of your Touristic Region, Product or Service with this target audience is very interesting! 

By promoting your own routes via your MyRTY PRO, you already have a strong promotion channel for these routes with clear branding of your organisation or brand via the included MyLOOKS PROMO PACK

For more intense promotion and branding, RouteYou offers a number of interesting formulas exclusively for MyRTY PRO customers:

- PROMO PACK "Unlimited"

- Traditional Ad-Campaigns on the RTY community website

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Have a look at the video concerning these Branding and Advertisement possibilies:

RTY Branding & Advertising


Thanks for your interest in advertising on our website. 

Please find herewith some information on standard pricing and conditions:

About :

Target group: GPS navigation, travel and leisure, tourism, sports, hiking, cycling and motorcycling.

Coverage: focus on the Benelux but global roll out.

Visits: per month: between 500 000 (winter) and 1 million (summer), > 8 million per year.

Unique visitors per month: between 350 000 (winter) and 750 000 (summer); > 5 million on per year.

Page views:> between 1 (winter) and 3 million (summer) per month; > 25 million per year.

Public routes:> 350 000

Registered users:> 100 000

Visitor Profile:

Language: Dutch 65%, En 15% and 12% Fr, 4% Ge

Country: BE 42%, 34% NL, 10% FR, UK 3%, 4,5% DE

Age: 35 - 55 years

Gender: 60 % mail, 40% female

Available Advertising Positions

Top Leaderboard, part of page header. Available on all pages.

Wide Skyscraper, right column above the fold. Available for almost all pages ( > 95 %).

Medium or Large Rectangle, central column in the middle. Most pages ( > 80 %).

Full Banner, above the fold, top right position beneath sub menu. On all search, route- and location pages ( +/- 70%)

Leaderboard, left column, central. Most pages. ( +/- 70%)

Audience Targeting

Standard campaigns will "Run of Site" (ROS). Premium Campaigns can be used for custom targeting, a.o. by choosing: 

Country, visitor and language are free to choose

Capping (limiting the number of placements per user, session, ... ) 

Placements can be restricted to certain types of routes or routes in a certain area or any other parameter on request. 


ROS: 4 € per thousand placements

Premium: 6 € per thousand placements

Header Take Over (top-leaderboard on all pages): 250 € per day, 1250 € per week, 3500 € per month

Road Block: taking over all ad placements for one or more specific pages: 20 € per thousand pages

Other specific requests, very high volumes or long term campaigns/sponsorships on request.

Additional conditions:

Minimum budget requirement per campaign: 250 €

Upfront payment required for 50 % of campaign budget with a minimum of 250 € 

All creatives (banners, scripts, ...)  shall be provided to RouteYou.

Initial set-up is included. 

Additional updates of targeting, creatives, ... will be charged at 125 € per update.

Direct personal access to our advertising system for follow up on number of placements and click through rates.

Are you interested, do you have any questions or need more information, please contact us via .


  • All prices are non-binding indications
  • Prices are exclusive VAT