Mrs. Colleen Frerichs

Westwood High School
English I, World Geography and World History

My Favorite Pastime

When asked about my favorite pastime, I eagerly respond that it is reading,

for reading is the key to the "information superhighway". The ability to read

opens up a world of information on any topic one can imagine. As a teacher, my 

goal is to empower my students to question topics and successfully 

acquire answers to their questions independently. The skill of responding 

to higher order thinking questions after successful topic research will serve 

them well throughout their life. It is a skill that I must use daily, for 

my students continually present new and interesting challenges that 

I must read about and research in order to respond appropriately. 

Topic enriched texts will surround students in my classes. So if you happen 

to catch me in the library or out in one of the local bookstores, you have 

seen me in one of my favorite places.

Mission For English I and World Geography

The mission for the English I course is to support student growth in the areas

of literacy and written expression. In English I, an emphasis is placed on

supporting evidence, and commentary. Students write both literary and

organizing logical arguments with a clearly expressed thesis,

informational pieces and read multiple genres throughout the course.

Students in the World Geography course will explore the physical and  
human geographic characteristics of the world by learning geographic 
concepts and skills with emphasis on analyzing geographic patterns and processes.

This course includes extensive in and out of class reading, research projects,

and challenging class discussions.