This web site is no longer current. I am using Google Classroom in its place.

Please refer to the following Google Classroom pages:

1st block Astronomy: 8ioqhc
3rd block Astronomy: jg11zxz
7th block Astronomy: alrzzp
8th block Astronomy: 1jioi4v
5th block IB SL Physics: 6w18xhc
4th block IB HL Physics: 9oltvj

Welcome to the class website. Find the appropriate tab above to navigate to where you need to be.  All the information you need is on this web site.

oring Schedule:

M, T, W, F: 8:15 am - 9:00 am

After School: By appointment (Please give at least two days' notice)
 These policies are subject to change following review by RRISD.
To make up a test you missed you are required to take the test within 1 block of your return.  You will NOT be allowed to make up a test during instruction time, so you need to come in during my tutoring hours to make up the test.  My classroom and tutoring hours are the only allowable place and time for make-up.
If you go past the make-up date for your test, then you need to refer to the REDO policy below.  Your redo timeframe begins the day you return to class as opposed to the day of the test.
If you fail a test you have the option to redo it for a maximum grade of 70.  You have 5 calendar days to both receive tutoring and make test corrections to make up an test after having your graded test returned.  This means that if I give your test back on Monday you must receive tutoring and correct  the test no later than Friday of that same week.
To qualify to correct a test you must meet the following criteria:
    1) You scored less than 70 on your test
    2) You have received tutoring and understand what you missed and why (note: the whole process must be completed by the second block after having received the graded test.  Do NOT think you can come if for tutoring AND take the redo test on the same day!)
-- OR --
You missed the make-up date for missing the test.  If you missed the make-up date, you have one more block to take the test for a maximum of 70 percent. (Make-up the test within one block of returning and you can score a maximum of 100 + any bonus points that may be awarded; after that you have one more block to take the test for a maximum of 70 points.)
If you fail to meet these requirements you will be given a 0 (zero) for that test with no possibility of make-up or redo of any kind (including "extra credit" work).

Don't think, "I'll never understand science," or "I don't get this, I'm going to fail the test." Your mind will fulfill those prophesies. If you think you're going to fail, you'll quit. If you think you need to learn this, you'll work harder. Watch this video to see how to be a successful student:

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