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Amazing Tightroping

By: Hailey

    On November 6,v2014 this guy named Nik Wallenda walked across a Chicago skyscraper...and he did it blind folded!!! The first trip across took him  (he was not blindfolded for this one) 5 minutes and 30 seconds.  The second trip (he was blindfolded for this one) took 2 minutes (this one was a shorter trip).

Porcupine Fends Off 

Seventeen Lions!

By: Gabriel & Hyrum

Today I read an article about a porcupine fending off 17 lions! Lucien Beaumont caught  it on tape. The porcupine rattled its tail 3 of the lions got closer. All  3 of lions got poked by the spikes. It was awesome.

By: Ulises

    Around the 1800’s Yellowstone National Park was filled with WOLVES! Anyway some wolves that killed livestock were hunted down.When the National park got to the year of 1827 the number of wolves went down. Sadly the number of wolves disappeared in 1926,meaning there was no wolves living on the National Park.Sadly nobody missed them until they found out that something changed. They found dry or barren cottonwood. The wolves controls the cottonwood and without them the elk population the park could only ballooned and become fearless. That means every sight of the park including the willows will be far less.

Airplane Crash in Chicago

By: Jessica

    My mom’s friend lives in Chicago. She lives by a airport. A pilot had a heart attack and the plane crashed. It fell into a house about 8 houses away from my mom's friend! It happened when they were flying. Here is a picture of it. img-Plane-crashes-into-house.png

Smart Bandage

By: Omar

    Bandages are necessary to heal wounds. They prevent infections,but bandages are old fashioned.To see the healing process and where your wound is in it you can only rip off the bandage which is wrong for three reasons. First it’s painful,second its time consuming,third it wastes bandages.

    Scientists might have designed a smart bandage that shows the wound.

    But to understand this you have to know the healing process.This is the order of the healing process:

1.The skin is insured

2.Extra blood comes to the wound

3.Oxygen helps skin heal

    Measuring oxygen levels helps monitor healing.This bandage measures oxygen level, monitoring the healing.

    All a doctor has to do is take a picture and use flash. If the oxygen level is high the light is brighter.

Solar Flare is Beautiul

By: Omar

    Scientists think solar flares will cause a lot of damage. A G2 magnetic storm mixed with another forming a G3 magnetic storm.

This didn't happen but auroras formed.

    Solar flares start at a sunspot where magnetic fields push through.the sunspot explodes releasing a lot of energy. The biggest happened in 1859. People used the light to read.


However, these solar flares can damage satellites, but nothing has happened so far.

Chickens Are Smarter Than Human Toddlers

By: Omar

    Roosters have a built in clock in their brains, but did you know chickens are smarter than human toddlers. New born chickens can count to five.they had two quantities of eggs they always went for more. New borns also understand that moved objects are not gone which toddlers don’t. 2 week olds can navigate the way around using the sun. They can also control themselves. A test ways run more food was given to patient chickens.They also understand physics and structural engineering. Drawings of possible and impossible buildings. The chickens clucked at the possible buildings. They also don’t befriend strangers. Doesn't this convince you chickens are smart