September 18-22

This Week:
Healthy snack choice for next week - Cantaloupe
Monday: Art
Tuesday:  P.E.  
Wednesday:  Art
Thursday:    P.E.
Friday:  P.E.
Healthy snack choice for next week - Green Beans

Upcoming Important Dates:
September 5 - 22: Excellence Fund Campaign
October 9: Student Holiday / Staff Professional Development
October 10: Parent Conferences / Student Holiday
October 11, 6:45pm: PTA General Meeting & Family Clay Night
October 19: Picture Day
November 6-9: Fall Book Fair
November 4, 11:00am-3:00pm: Fall Carnival
* check out the LME email newsletter for more info

2017-18 Excellence Fund Campaign:  CLICK HERE 
Our goal for the campaign is 100% participation so even if you cannot make a donation at this time, we still need each family to complete our online support form.
Your support of the Excellence Fund confirms that our parents, teachers and community strongly believe in the vision and mission of Laurel Mountain. I encourage you to read more about Enrichment and the Environment at LME on our webpage and/or attend one of the parent education sessions led by our very own Tree Frog Parent, Mr. Hance!

2017-18 Student Pick-up Authorization Form 
Please Complete for All Students at LME. It is time to to collect pick-up authorization information for our students via an online form to ensure we have this information readily available, particularly if/when we need to implement our parent/student reunification plan due to an emergency. Anyone who you might possibly ask to pick-up your child for any reason (siblings, neighbors, relatives, co-workers. etc.) should be listed on this form. Anyone not listed on the online form or student registration form will not be permitted to pick up your child for any reason. We ask that one parent from each household complete this form as soon as possible.
Please click here to complete the Pick-up Authorization Form

This information will be kept confidential in the office. If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact the office at 512-464-4300. Thank you for your help with this matter.

Reporting Absences:

Please use the ON-LINE Absence Reporting form (link found on our homepage) or here

for all absences and be sure to include your child’s teacher’s email so the form goes to both the registrar and teacher. *NOTE: all absences will result in an automated phone call from the district for every day of absence. If you have already reported your child’s absence online this message can be ignored. The form can be submitted in advance if you know your child will be out ahead of time.

   In the Tree Frog Classroom...
Math:  I moved the Place Value quiz to Monday so we could review rounding.  We will use our M-A-T-H daily rotations this week to start our unit on Addition, Subtraction (up to 6-digits), and Estimation.  We will finish our week with a project estimating, finding sums, and calculating differences in the annual visitation data of 4 Texas National Parks.  Next week will will introduce strip/tape diagrams to find sum and differences.
Science: We are investigating the difference between a mixture and solution.  We separated a beach mixture last week with tools like tweezers, sieve, filter, and hot plate.  We will compare the characteristics of a solution and a mixture to write a reflection in our science journal.  There will be a District Curriculum Assessment-also called unit test- by the end of the week.  Please review your child's science journal and the grade rubric this week, when it comes home, to prepare for test.
Social Studies:  Our great state is abundant with resources.  Our class will divide into regions and research the natural resources, climate, wildlife, and agriculture that each region has to offer.

PTA Directory Registration, Membership and Spirit Wear Purchasing
The Laurel Mountain PTA has gone digital with our student directory, offering you the convenience of contacting friends and classmates easily from your computer or smartphone! Families also have the option of printing a class or grade level directory for personal use.
If you are new to LME, please click on the link below to enter your family contact information at our secure, online form and choose your directory publication preferences.
If your students are returning to LME and you were in directory last year, you will receive an email on August 18th, 2017 with instructions to confirm your family's data and update your preferences.
After entering your family data, you will have the opportunity to join PTA, buy spirit wear and tote bags, yearbooks, and make donations.

NOTE: The only way to gain access to LME's online directory is to confirm your data, so don’t delay!! All CONFIRMED or newly-entered families will be given access to the online directory beginning September 18th.
*For directory-related questions, please email Sally Dewhirst.
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