March 5-9

This Week:  
Go Get It! Education Week Themes
Monday: Music Wear a college shirt
Tuesday:   P.E. Wear jeans
Wednesday: Music Wear bright colors
Thursday:   P.E. PICTURE DAY!!!!
Friday: P.E. Wear LME shirt or red/white

Upcoming Important Dates  *=info on LME email newsletter 
March 6, 6:00-8:00pm: CVMS Mustang Orientation for 5th Grade Families
March 12-16: Spring Break - Student and Staff Holiday
March 30: Student and Staff Spring Holiday
April 10: G4&G5 Math STAAR Test - CLOSED CAMPUS
April 11: G4&G5 Reading STAAR Test - CLOSED CAMPUS
April 20, 4:45-8:00pm: Pride Night

Reminder: Bring Your Drivers License to LME on Your Next Visit
As of last week all RRISD schools have a new version of the Raptor Visitor/Volunteer Management System which means we need to re-scan ALL drivers licenses or state issued ID, even if your ID had been scanned in the past. Upon your next visit to the school, please be sure to have a valid state-issued ID with you.

   In the Tree Frog Classroom...
Math:  Decimals are next.  Our pretest scores were decent, so we differentiate with activities relating fractions to decimals and adding and subtracting decimals.  Then we will focus on some problem-based learning and project-based learning with decimals.
Science:   We will cycle into patterns on Earth.  We will study the phases of the moon, seasons, and end with how those concepts influence shadows on Earth. 
Social Studies:  The Alamo has fallen and the settlers are running away to Louisiana.  Col. Fannin will not follow Sam Houston's orders and there will be a great loss of men.  So is the life of our Revolution.  Each battle will re-enacted, with students assigned to play a role.  Then we will write summaries of the battles and mark their locations on our map.  Once we finish the revolution, all students will have a book of battle summaries.

Year-long Resources:
Volunteer Applications & Sign Up:  
Any person wishing to volunteer in RRISD is required to complete a Volunteer Application each school year, to improve student safety. We strongly encourage all our parents to complete a 'Volunteer Application' as early in the year as possible. You must have a volunteer application on file each school year if you plan to chaperone a field trip. Click here to complete the volunteer application

Reporting Absences:  Please use the ON-LINE Absence Reporting form (link found on our homepage) or here  Link to LME website

2017-18 Student Pick-up Authorization Form 
Please click here to complete the Pick-up Authorization Form
This information will be kept confidential in the office. If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact the office at 512-464-4300. Thank you for your help with this matter.

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