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Pre-Approved and Recommended Software


Check to see if the software you want is already on the list below.

If NOT, use the following to determine if a request for review  is needed.

 Criteria     Definitions            Yes         No
Funding Does the site allow for any sort of purchase to be made?  
Technical Are there any technical concerns regarding compatability on Windows,  iPads and/or Chromebooks?  
Data Privacy Does anyone require an account to use it?  
Curriculum Is there any potential concern regarding TEKS appropriateness and/or  RRISD best instructional practices?  

If you answered NO to all criteria, then this app/software does not need to be reviewed.  Otherwise, consult your ITS about next steps.

To have additional items added to this list, contact your campus ITS.  Non-campus personnel contact the Instructional Technology Department.


Approved software and applications have been reviewed by all necessary authorities in RRISD and are considered "approved" for purchase and installation.

Software applications that are labeled "pending" are currently under review and are not considered approved for use in the district at this time.

Software and applications (apps) that have been determined to not be compatible with RRISD standards - for any number of reasons, will have this badge.  Do not use, purchase or install software and applications with this badge icon.

Only 10 Items are shown at a time.  Use the filters below to narrow results and the arrows on the right when there are more than 25 results that meet your criteria.  To request new software be added to the approve list, contact your ITS.