-FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Marine Corps Junior ROTC program?

The Marine Corps Junior ROTC Program at Round Rock High School is 
a class available to all enrolled students at Round Rock High School.
The purpose of the program is to promote leadership, citizenship,
and character among today's youth. It is NOT a recruiting program.
While some of our students, after high school, eventually join the
military, the VAST majority (about 97% - 98%) do NOT join the
military. Instead, those 97% - 98% of our students go on, after high
school, to attend college or to join the workforce.

How much does it cost?

Participation in JROTC is FREE.  There is absolutely no cost to take 
the class or to participate in our extra-curricular "special teams."
All uniforms are provided fee of charge. The trips we take are paid
for through school funds, donations, and fundraising.

Can I take JROTC classes even if I am in the Business Academy or the STEM Academy?

Absolutely!  At Round Rock High School the Marine Corps Junior 
ROTC program is part of the Professional Studies Academy. But,
JROTC classes are open to all students in ALL academies.

I heard that Marine Corps Junior ROTC counts as a Physical Education (PE) course. Is that true?

Yes.  When you enroll in Marine Corps Junior ROTC at Round Rock 
High School, you are enrolled in a class that satisfies your PE

Ok, so JROTC counts as a PE credit...what happens after I have satified my PE requirement?

After you have satisfied your PE requirement for graduation, any 
additional JROTC credits you earn will be counted as elective credits.

Who can join the Marine Corps JROTC at Round Rock High School?

Any student enrolled in Round Rock High School can join the 
Marine Corps Junior ROTC unit.

Will I have any military obligation if I enroll in Marine Corps Junior ROTC? Am I going to have to go to boot camp?

No!  While some Marine Corps Junior ROTC cadets do join the 
military (about 1 to 3 of our approximately 120 cadets per year) upon
graduation from high school, there is no commitment to do so.
In fact, the majority of students who participate in
Marine Corps Junior ROTC go on to other endeavors, such as
joining the civilian workforce or entering college. Whatever
the chosen path is, the effects of Marine Corps Junior ROTC
extend far beyond the classroom by developing character,
leadership, and civic responsibility. The program ultimately
produces young men and women who are ready to accept the
privileges and responsibilities of citizenship.

How do I join Marine Corps Junior ROTC at Round Rock High School?

If you are interested in taking Marine Corps Junior ROTC as a 
class, contact your guidance counselor OR one of the Marine
Corps Junior ROTC instructors:

-Sergeant Major Juan Martinez, (512) 428-7932, juan_martinez@roundrockisd.org
-Major Jackie Schiller II, (512) 464-6089, jackie_schiller@roundrockisd.org

Where is the Marine Corps Junior ROTC program located?

We are located in building 1000 of the Round Rock High School 
campus. Our offices, classrooms, and marksmanship range is
located right across the hall from the auto shop.

What if I want to join the military upon completion of Marine Corps Junior ROTC?

A student presenting evidence of successful completion of at 
least 2 academic years of our Marine Corps Junior ROTC program
is entitled to advanced promotion to the grade of E-2 on initial
enlistment in an Active or Reserve component of the Army, Navy,
Air Force or Marine Corps. At their discretion, the Army, Navy,
Air Force and Marine Corps may award the grade of E-3 for
successful completion of 3 academic years of the Junior ROTC
program. Contact your local armed services recruiter for more

Can I do other extra-curricular activities such as band, sports, and student government if I am in Marine Corps Junior ROTC?

Of course!  Many of our students work part time jobs, play 
sports, or participate in other extra curricular activities.

Is there a test to get into Marine Corps Junior ROTC?

No.  There are no tests to get in.

What if I am overweight or out of shape? Can I still join?

Yes.  As long as you are in good health you can join.

Can I join if I have a physical limitation or disability?

Under most conditions, the answer is yes.  We will work with you to
tailor our program to meet your needs and abilities.

I am scared of getting yelled at...is JROTC like boot camp that I see in the movies?

No.  Our program is NOT boot camp.  We treat all our students with 
dignity and respect.

If I enroll in a JROTC class, do I have to get my head shaved bald?

Absolutely not!  If you enroll in a JROTC class, you won't have
to shave your head. But, while wearing a Marine Corps uniform,
you will will have to abide by the Marine Corps personal grooming
standards. For female students, this often means putting their
hair up. For males, it usually means that they have to pay a
visit to the barber shop in order to get a normal looking hair
cut. BUT, we don't want you to shave your head. In fact, male
students are allowed to have hair up to 3 inches long.

Will you make me wear a uniform everyday?

No.  At most, our students wear uniforms only 1 day per week.  Of 
course, sometimes our students choose to wear the uniform more
than one time per week, but we only require you to dress out in
the uniform one day out of the week.

What kind of uniforms will I be given?

As mentioned above, all our uniforms are issued to you FREE.

To start with, all our students are issued the standard green
digital pattern camouflage uniform. We will also issue you
a physical training (PT) uniform that includes a set of green
cotton USMC sweats.

After your first semester, you'll then be issued a number of
different uniforms.

BUT, if you join the drill team or color guard, you will
be issued the distinctive Marine Corps Blue Dress uniform -
sometimes called "dress blues." You can join those teams
anytime - even during your first year.

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